Will “The Kim Jong Un” rival “The Rachel?”

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We all know that North Korean big cheese KIM Jong-Un is a little nuts. OK, make that bat-shit crazy! He is like an Asian Francis Buxton, the corpulent, spoiled man-child from PEE-WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE but instead of a massive train set to play with, he’s got an entire country at his disposal. With tens of millions of starving citizens, grotesque and inhumane executions of family members, and paling around with fellow nut job Dennis Rodman in so-called “basketball diplomacy,” and you know, always threatening to build nukes and blow up the world, Jong Un is pretty much a jackass.

Japanese girl shredding on her guitar will melt your face!

Now we’ve seen many videos online of gifted young musicians (mostly Asian) who are breathtakingly amazing at what they do and the high level of musicianship they reach. We’ve even wrote about them here and here.

Well, here’s another example of a kid who simply shreds on her guitar, rising up to Dream Theater metal/prog rock status. Only 8-years old, this little Japanese girl goes by the name Li-sa-X and she is a total bad-ass! Not only does she rip on her electric guitar (which is almost the same size as her diminutive stature), but she does it with a smile! We’ll be keeping an eye on this young, Asian padawan…

(Via Huffington Post)

Laura Palmer Returns Today or TWIN PEAKS is 25 Years Old


Laura Palmer returns today to talk to Special Agent Dale Cooper. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you are not a fan of TWIN PEAKS, the seminal TV show that shook the foundations of what network television is all about. The brainchild of David Lynch and Mark Frost, TWIN PEAKS was essentially a soap opera set in a small Washington State town where the central mystery involves the murder of prom queen and all around “good girl” Laura Palmer. The show’s main character is the quirky FBI special agent Dale Cooper, with his love of all things cherry pie and coffee may seem by-the-book in that DRAGNET kind of way, but his dabbling in mysticism, New Age thinking and cosmology made him fit right in as the central mystery of “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” explored some pretty weird and odd shit that happening in the town and most importantly, the woods surrounding the town.

The Most Epic Video You’ll Ever See If You Love Movies!

Holy shit. Speechless. Dizzy. Giddy. Goosebumps. These were some of the things circling through my head after watching this most epic of mashup videos. Inspired by Steven Jay Schneider’s incredible book series, 1,001 MOVIES YOU MUST SEE (BEFORE YOU DIE) , this video contains an additional 215 extra titles to illustrate the the sheer, visual and aural brilliance of the most powerful medium of human civilization.

Edited by Johnathan Keogh, it took him over a year to create this video and damn, he did a fine job. It is literally a rollercoaster, mind fuck, movie explosion and the best 10 minutes you’ll see in quite awhile. If I was living in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, captured and brainwashed by having my eyes pried open, then I can imagine watching this video.

Perhaps the greatest photo meme ever


Ah, you unsuspecting young parents who post baby photos on social media. That’s what exactly happened in the case of the photo above, where a young dad posted this photo on his Facebook feed. He also made a joke by adding the caption, “Look, tell Clyde that he’s a dumbass… and then fire him!”

Soon enough, one his friends posted the photo on Reddit and the rest his history. People laughed and caused a meme barnstorm. Business Baby was born! Some of the captions are priceless, like the following:

Watch these Short Films from THE SHORT LIST if you are sick of Valentine’s Day



THE SHORT LIST (the program that I curate consisting of the best short films that I have seen that lives on the YOMYOMF YouTube channel) may be on temporary hiatus, but it doesn’t mean I can’t highlight a short film (or two or three or four…) that would be great to view on this Valentine weekend occasion.

But when perusing through The Short List Playlist, I discovered that the shorts that I selected, were in fact, were not so romantic per se, but in fact too grey in their romanticism or pretty much tragically anti-romantic.

Watch romantic short film THE GIRL FROM TOMORROW directed by James Lee


I am a big admirer of Malaysian filmmaker James Lee, who has just released his latest short film, entitled THE GIRL FROM TOMORROW. Here’s the official synopsis:

A time-travel themed love story between Joe an ordinary young man and Yen the girl from future. Yen is here to guide Joe into choosing and creating his own path for his own future.

Lee has a solid filmography comprised of award winning indie features that have played at film festivals around the world for over a decade now. I personally like his experimental feature THE BEAUTIFUL WASHING MACHINE and documentary THE BIG DURIAN, which he collaborated with fellow filmmaker Amir Muhammad.

Chinese Singles Prank Valentine’s Day by buying movie tickets so that couples can’t sit together


Talk about a lump of coal in place of a heart when it comes to the big V day in China…. According to Time Magazine, in what might be the biggest Valentine’s Day prank ever, a group of Shanghai singles purchased every odd-numbered seat for a Feb. 14 showing of BEIJING LOVE STORY, the movie version of a popular drama from 2012 that is reminiscent of LOVE, ACTUALLY. The prankster’s sole purpose: To disrupt romantic dates, but of course!

With a population of 1.3 billion people, China definitely has a sizable group of single people. And with the one-child policy, where males are revered, there is a ‘surplus’ of single men, estimated at 34 million! Hmm, that’s a lot of lonely hearts out there, ladies.

How to Break Up With Only Hollywood Film Titles


Since it’s Valentine’s Day this Friday, I thought it would be good to finger flick the face of all that false romantic consumerism with this funny video by the the crew from POYPAC Comedy and their latest YouTube video, “Movie Title Break-Up,” where what looks like a married couple at a romantic dinner. Soon, accusations are exchanged and things escalate to an inevitable break-up. And all of the dialogue in this short are Hollywood movie titles. Pretty clever! Check it out for yourself.

(Via Grantland)

If Hogwarts were a Japanese high school


The Japanese are pretty inventive, especially high schoolers. Sure, all teens are disillusioned and rebellious, and defy authority. And they get easily bored. So, when nifty photos started popping up last year of Japanese high school girls reenacting DRAGONBALL fight scenes, a whole photo meme started, with this recent batch of photos skewing more into the bizarre fever dreams of Harry Potter or even Salvador Dali. It’s pretty rad! Check them out for yourself.

Georgia Lawyer’s Local Superbowl Commercial Blows All Those National Ads to Smithereens


OK, this has been making the rounds on the internet today. The general protocol for commercial breaks during the Superbowl is that there are some breaks that are reserved for local commercials (the rest obviously go to national commercials that buy a :30 spot for $4 million each). These Superbowl ads have become even bigger than the actual game, as millions of viewers wait with bated breath to see which commercials are inventive, cool etc. Usually, like the big game, many of the commercials were a major letdown (I personally loved the RadioShack and Doritos ones).

Stay in School, Kids… Or Die!!!!

Is this a real PSA? And what is the Learn for Life FoundationWA (WA stands for Western Australia)? This “organization” actually has a website with photos of kids and old people smiling and the mission statement: “The Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia is a non-profit organisation promotion the importance of education for people of all ages.”