Agents of SHIELD — “The Dirty Half Dozen” — Season 2, Episode 19


Yeah, so that was cool. “The Dirty Half Dozen” had a Sonic the Hedgehog reference, some Marvel/Disney machinations to tie in this episode with the new Avengers film opening this Friday, and the old band is back, sort of. It was interesting to see the original SHIELD team back at it, even though everyone was a hair away to murder Ward. And I suppose his rogue sociopathic behavior is now leaning more on the repenting kind, as he walks off into the night and leaving Agent 33 back at SHIELD HQ so she can get a second chance.

Agents of SHIELD — Season 2, Episode 18 –”The Frenemy Of My Enemy” Recap & Review


“The Frenemy of my Enemy” is the perfect title for tonight’s episode, where the inevitable happened — the uneasy alliance of Coulson and Ward in the search for Skye. It was the most obvious move, story-wise, what with Coulson’s options very limited and him knowing that his only ticket into infiltrating Hydra was to hook up with Ward and Agent 33. This made Fitz very nervous and the scene on the plane where he’s jittery and holding his gun on his holster, while Hunter tries to calm him down, was great, especially after all the shit he went through with Ward and Hydra.

Agents of SHIELD — Season 2, Episode 17 — “Melinda” Recap & Review

AGENTS OF SHIELD, as a show, has made so many dark references to both Bahrain and the ominous origins of May’s nickname that “Melinda” had a lot to live up to. Ultimately, I think the flashback would have been more powerful if it had been the episode’s sole focus, but I also understand why the creative team wanted to tie it in with Skye’s reunion with her mom, as well as Real SHIELD’s fear that Coulson is building an army of pet superhumans.

We finally find out why May’s nickname is “the Calvary.” After so many ominous references to both Bahrain and the origins of May’s nickname, I think the producers were able to pull it off, while at the same time, intertwining these flashbacks to the current propelling story threads of Skye’s reunion with her mother and Gonzales’ campaign to discredit Coulson that looks like it is slowly convincing both May and Simmons.

Yeah, we miss Han too

Who cried when the “family” was attending to Han’s funeral in FURIOUS 7? Yeah, me too. It was up there with the very touching tribute to Paul Walker at the end of the film and kudos for director James Wan for overcoming one of the biggest and most daunting challenges in crafting a big summer tentpole where your actor tragically dies midway through filming, and crafting a cohesive and fun ride after the fact, through the Hollywood magic.

And although FAST 7 was a lot of fun and worthy addition to the franchise, Han (and Giselle) were sorely missed. According to Buzzfeed’s chief film critic Allison Wilmore, who is so on point about Han Seoul-Oh and his overall contribution to the dynamic of the FAST series:

Agents of SHIELD — “Afterlife” — Season 2, Episode 16 — Review & Recap


(Spoilers ahead…)

As Robert Gonzalez makes his move, Coulson must do whatever it takes to protect the future of S.H.I.E.L.D. Meanwhile Skye’s journey to control her powers take a surprising turn when she meets the enigmatic Inhuman named Lincoln….

This was the transition episode where everyone was in their own “Afterlife” or way station, as the players assess their moves and prepare for their plan of attack. Basically, all the SHIELD stuff and Coulson and Hunter waiting out the attack outside Bruce Banner’s Hulk-secured cabin were the best parts with witty dialogue, alliances questioned and lots of cooking and steaming of plots.

SXSW 2015 Coverage from The Daily Buzz including highlights from K-Pop Showcase

The SXSW Conferences ended almost 10 days ago, and the press coverage is still trickling through. We already reported about the strong Asian American film representation at the SXSW Film Festival, including the world premieres of KTOWN COWBOYS and TWINSTERS among others, the real spotlight at SXSW is the massive music conference, which continues to overshadow both the film and interactive conferences, with over 2,000 bands from around the world congregating in Austin, officially and unofficially, to get noticed with the numerous fans and music reps who are there to see the next wave of potential superstars.

The Walking Dead — Season 5, Episode 16 (Season Finale) — “Conquer” Recap & Review


Here is the 5th season finale recap and review for THE WALKING DEAD. The YOMYOMF TV Showdown will take a quick break, until David and I decide what to review next. Maybe other season finales this season would be fodder for us two ol’ nerds. THE FLASH is getting more intriguing and fun, so we’ll see.

(Spoilers ahead…)

ANDERSON: OK, so we’ve reach the season finale of season 5 and it’s been quite a ride. As a season finale, I thought it delivered the goods, even though none of the major characters died, but things actually happened and it was, aside from two major leaps of logic, worked out to be a satisfactory way to end the season.

Agents of SHIELD — Season 2, Episode 15 — “One Door Closes” Recap & Review


(Spoilers ahead…)

War comes to Coulson’s doorstep in a way he never anticipated as shocking revelations are brought to light, and Skye struggles to control her new abilities but will soon make a decision that irrevocably changes her life.

Episode 15 was an amazing episode. Titled “One Door Closes,” this was the a jam-packed backstory episode, with flashbacks of Mack and Bobbi on the day SHIELD fell last season and in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. It was also good to see Izzy Hartley alive and well, and on a mission by Nick Fury to save Gonzales and destroy the battleship so that it doesn’t go into the hands of Hydra. It shows that Mac and Bobbi are true patriots and believe what they are doing is right, so it’s interesting to see good vs good, especially in a comic book world. Shades of grey make things complicated and the producers are doing a great job of painting with this palette (Ward’s new zen, yet sociopathic role, is a good example).

Watch Dave Boyle’s MAN FROM RENO opening this weekend

10533982_10155361625195158_4852046159908324785_nWith a headline that says “A Director who’s showing how easy it is to cast Asian actors” those are some fighting words! But, multicultural casting has been film director Dave Boyle’s M.O. who fell into Japanese culture when at the age of 19, this young Mormon was designated to go on his mission in Australia and preach the gospel to a close-knit overseas Japanese community. All of his films, five in total, feature some aspect of Japanese culture, via Japanese American characters who inhibit the same idiosyncratic and DIY traits that Boyle IRL inhabit. From his debut BIG DREAMS, LITTLE TOKYO to SURROGATE VALENTINE and DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, parts one and two of his DON’T LOOK BACK inspired films about lovable sad sack, indie musician Goh Nakamura, they’re all iterations of Boyle.

“Goodbye, Saturday Morning” is the next big ’80s nostalgia anthem that your friends will hear in 2017

Why, 2017? Because that’s the year the final season of PARKS AND RECREATION takes place in. But, there’s truth to this headline because, hopefully, SF-based DIY and uber-talented multi-hyphenate H.P. Mendoza’s 8-bit animation musical feature DORK will be done and one of its main songs, “Goodbye, Saturday Morning” will be on the front page of The Daily Beast or some other mainstream media website, thinking they’ve got the scoop on the next big viral hit. But screw them, because we’re telling you to listen to it now!

Agents of SHIELD — Season 2, Episode 14 — “Love in the Time of Hydra” — Recap & Review


(Spoilers ahead…)

This episode, with homages to both PULP FICTION and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, is the second episode in the row where the villains took center stage (last week, it was Kyle MacLachlan’s maniacal “suicide squad”), with the return of Grant Ward and Agent 33. Entitled “Love in the Time of Hydra,” the episode planted a seed of a possible romance blossoming between Ward and Agent 33, who also make an excellent team, and they do a lot in this episode — hold up a diner (ala pumpkin and honey bunny in PULP FICTION), infiltrate a military base, capture that Hydra scumbag Bakshi (who was mind controlling Agent 33),and subjugate him with similar hypnosis torture at the end of the episode (with eyes taped open, about to be mind fucked by Agent 33).

The Walking Dead — Season 5, Episode 15 — “Try” Recap & Review


(Spoilers ahead…)

The episode opens with Deanna and her family, mourning the death of Aidan by playing his mixed CD as Trent Reznor sets the tone of despair and doubt in this episode. Carol prepares a casserole and delivers it to Deanna’s doorstep with a condolence card. Deanna doesn’t take the casserole and burns up the card as her husband and other son look on.