Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — Season 2 Episode 6 — ‘A Fractured House’


The world turns against S.H.I.E.L.D. when Hydra impersonates them to attack The United Nations, and an unexpected enemy leads the charge to bring about their downfall.

A FRACTURED HOUSE was perhaps the best episode yet, this season. Opening with a bang, a UN meeting is ambushed by what look like S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who throw these Phantasm like discs that burrow into a victim’s body and immediately dissolves them into dust, as if Buffy was staking a vampire in the heart. This brings Talbot and his biggest backer, Senator Christian Ward (Grant Ward’s supposedly evil brother), to maximize the opportunity to get the public’s support in getting S.H.I.E.L.D. once and for all by passing major legislation that would allow any military in the world to hunt down and eradicate them.

YOMYOMF’s TV Showdown: THE WALKING DEAD (Season 5 Episode 3) — “Four Walls and a Roof”


Synopsis: As Bob fights for his life, Rick and the group take a stand to defend the church against Gareth and his gang of cannibals. This week’s episode, “Four Walls and a Roof,” is the episode where Rick Grimes and the gang strike back at the remaining Terminus gang. The title refers to a line from Maggie, when Father Gabriel, completely in shock, mutters “but this is a church” after Rick, Michonne, Sasha, Abraham and Rosita go full on Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the remaining Termites, with Gareth getting hacked to pieces with the very machete (with the red grip) that Rick picked out in the season premiere to kill him.

Yellow Listed as “Color of Race” in 1950′s Birth Certificate

larry birth cert

This is Larry Furukawa’s birth certificate from 1952. He recently shared it with his fellow peers at Digital Histories, a filmmaking workshop that teaches senior citizens skills to make their own short films. It’s an ongoing program that Visual Communications has been involved with for a number of years.

Back to Larry’s birth certificate: Yep, it lists “Yellow” as a color of race for his birth parents. It’s pretty surreal to see that listed on an official government. Ahh, the 1950s, the land of Ozzie and Harriet and Leave it to Beaver and when Asians were designated as “Yellow,” with the rest of the colored people, by the U.S. government.

Is Kenny G China’s Manchurian Candidate?


Who knew that Kenny G was such a Chinese icon? Apparently, like Celine Dion, Kenny G, the purveyor of crappy pop saxophone muzak is strangely tied to Chinese culture. His 1989 ballad ‘Coming Home’ is played in shopping malls and public spaces across the country as a signal the public to leave the premises because the building is closing for the night. Yep, Kenny G’s music is synonymous as Semisonic’s ‘Closing Time.’

Kenny was just in Hong Kong the other day, visiting protestors and even tweeted photos with him posing with said protesters. Obviously, this has stirred some major controversy from Beijing. I mean, the politburo is not only offended but sound actually hurt that their treasured Kenny G would do such a thing.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ‘A Hen in the Wolf House’ – Season 2 Episode 5 Review


ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this Tuesday unleashed Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird, finally reunited Simmons with the team (and Fitz) and Skye was this close to meeting her father, played by a maniacal Kyle MacLachlan.The eventful hour ended with The Doctor (aka Skye’s father) — who was revealed to be a hair-trigger psychopath capable of brute strength — forming an alliance with Daniel Whitehall, given their shared interest in the Obelisk, which in its native tongue is known as the Diviner. Whitewall asks him why he is doing this collaboration. The Doctor’s answer — to kill Coulson as well as “you know, everyone else.”

OK, the good stuff: Adrianne Palicki (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, GI JOE: RETALIATION and also as WONDER WOMAN in the failed David E. Kelley TV pilot a few years ago). She fulfills the need for another ass kicker and with the bait and switch of Lucy Lawless in the season premiere (she died at the end of the episode). It’s cool that they are expanding the universe and I bet she’ll be one of those characters that will go back and forth between the TV and movie universes. Maybe she’ll appear in the next AVENGERS movie? CAPTAIN AMERICA 3? She has enough pedigree to do that.

Daikichi Amano brings tentacle erotica to life


Japanese photographer Daikichi Amano explores the gruesome connection between Japan’s metaphorical and literal consumption of both the female form and creatures of the sea. Octopus carcasses embrace women’s naked bodies, dripping across their skin and morphing into weird appendages that blur the line between woman and animal. Or in other words, Amano loves to depict live action tentacle porn (another mainstay of Japanese anime).

Here are some photos that are borderline NSFW. For the real hentai stuff, you can head over to Juxtapoz to check out the rest of the photos.

Incumbent Mayor’s campaign mailer accuses Vietnamese American candidate for being a communist

Ah, Little Saigon politics. According to the OC Weekly, Garden Grove Mayor Bruce Broadwater’s campaign has sent the most laughable mailer ever, attacking opponent Bao Nguyen.

Pandering to the Vietnamese voter base has been way simple for a long time. In danger of losing your election? Just say he’s a commie! Or you hate commies more than he does!

And here’s the latest example from Little Saigon: an attack mailer targeted at Garden Grove mayoral candidate (and current school trustee) Bao Nguyen paid for by a committee tied to the city’s mayor, Bruce Broadwater. The smear campaign mailer is in Vietnamese, in the Garden Grove/Westminster area, which has the largest Vietnamese community outside of Vietnam:

The bullet points say:

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Episode 2 — “Strangers in a Strange Land”


YOMYOMF will be starting a new feature called Television Showdown, where a couple of our couch potatoes will comment about an episode in their viewing queue. In this edition, resident geeks David and Anderson comment about the latest episode of THE WALKING DEAD (Warning: Spoilers).

DAVID: This episode is short of a pulse on the EKG meter. Now I don’t mean the story wasn’t good, it was just edited poorly for me to enjoy the scares and the reveal of their next adventures. Didn’t you think so?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ‘Face My Enemy’ – Season 2 Episode 4 Review


This was a fun episode that was pretty self contained (well, aside for Coulson and May, who were in the field) and also provided some fun, undercover mission hijinks. In classic Star Trek TV terms, this was a “bottle episode”, where most of the main cast was confined to one existing set, which would be the Enterprise and in this case, the “boat” or the S.H.I.E.L.D. plane.

Coulson and May play a snotty rich married couple who tango their way into an exclusive party for high rollers thrown by some unknown dictator/crime boss. Their goal: to infiltrate his mansion and find a rare, hundreds year old religious painting that has the alien writing engraved on the back of said painting. But, Hydra is also on the hunt for it, as Daniel Whitehall is also looking into the alien writing as well, continuing Hydra’s mission to search for and harness the power of alien tech for world domination.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Premiere — “No Sanctuary” Review


Well, that was a kick-ass season premiere! THE WALKING DEAD, the #1 TV drama in pretty much all the rankings, returned with a bang, immediately where we left our band of heroes last season — captured in Terminus, the so-called haven, which is actually a true terminus for people who end up there, because the people who run the place live with the motto of being the butcher to everyone else being cattle. Yep, they eat people. And not in a soylent green we pretend it’s not food made out of people, they go all out backyard BBQ as if its some Austin smoked beef brisket hot spot.

TRANSFORMERS 4 Honest Trailer is the best one yet.

I’m usually not a fan of Screen Crush’s “Honest Trailers” but TRANSFORMERS: THE AGE OF EXTINCTION was such a piece of crap, pandering to both American and Chinese nationalists that making fun of it was not only bound to happen but also easy as apple pie (oh hey, another lame American slogan).

But the Honest Trailer guys really outdid themselves and hit all the right (or is it wrong) marks about this most awful of TRANSFORMERS movies.

Film Festival Dispatch: Busan International Film Festival 2014

busan review paradise in service-thumb-630xauto-50908

This year’s Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) was an overall, solid edition of the very best in Asian cinema. Dubbed “the Cannes of Asia” BIFF has built a reputation of presenting the latest films from around the world, with strong focuses on Asian films, as well as nurturing talent and filmmakers through its Asian Project Market, and also a destination to conduct business through its concurrent Asian Film Market.