Watch Dave Boyle’s MAN FROM RENO opening this weekend

10533982_10155361625195158_4852046159908324785_nWith a headline that says “A Director who’s showing how easy it is to cast Asian actors” those are some fighting words! But, multicultural casting has been film director Dave Boyle’s M.O. who fell into Japanese culture when at the age of 19, this young Mormon was designated to go on his mission in Australia and preach the gospel to a close-knit overseas Japanese community. All of his films, five in total, feature some aspect of Japanese culture, via Japanese American characters who inhibit the same idiosyncratic and DIY traits that Boyle IRL inhabit. From his debut BIG DREAMS, LITTLE TOKYO to SURROGATE VALENTINE and DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, parts one and two of his DON’T LOOK BACK inspired films about lovable sad sack, indie musician Goh Nakamura, they’re all iterations of Boyle.

“Goodbye, Saturday Morning” is the next big ’80s nostalgia anthem that your friends will hear in 2017

Why, 2017? Because that’s the year the final season of PARKS AND RECREATION takes place in. But, there’s truth to this headline because, hopefully, SF-based DIY and uber-talented multi-hyphenate H.P. Mendoza’s 8-bit animation musical feature DORK will be done and one of its main songs, “Goodbye, Saturday Morning” will be on the front page of The Daily Beast or some other mainstream media website, thinking they’ve got the scoop on the next big viral hit. But screw them, because we’re telling you to listen to it now!

Agents of SHIELD — Season 2, Episode 14 — “Love in the Time of Hydra” — Recap & Review


(Spoilers ahead…)

This episode, with homages to both PULP FICTION and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, is the second episode in the row where the villains took center stage (last week, it was Kyle MacLachlan’s maniacal “suicide squad”), with the return of Grant Ward and Agent 33. Entitled “Love in the Time of Hydra,” the episode planted a seed of a possible romance blossoming between Ward and Agent 33, who also make an excellent team, and they do a lot in this episode — hold up a diner (ala pumpkin and honey bunny in PULP FICTION), infiltrate a military base, capture that Hydra scumbag Bakshi (who was mind controlling Agent 33),and subjugate him with similar hypnosis torture at the end of the episode (with eyes taped open, about to be mind fucked by Agent 33).

The Walking Dead — Season 5, Episode 15 — “Try” Recap & Review


(Spoilers ahead…)

The episode opens with Deanna and her family, mourning the death of Aidan by playing his mixed CD as Trent Reznor sets the tone of despair and doubt in this episode. Carol prepares a casserole and delivers it to Deanna’s doorstep with a condolence card. Deanna doesn’t take the casserole and burns up the card as her husband and other son look on.

Film Festival Dispatch: Strong Asian American representation at SXSW 2015


South By Southwest (SXSW) is the new Comic-con. A convergence of music, film, interactive, food, comedy, and everything else underneath the Sun, this massive series of conferences in one of the coolest cities in the US really showed its excess this year. Throw in TV in the mix, and SXSW has become the Howard Stern equivalent of “King of all media.” For many newbies, this did not disappoint, but for old timers like me, I long for the days when SX was a little smaller, weirder (this would be pre-Foursquare).

Agents of SHIELD — Season 2, Episode 13 — “One of Us” — Recap & Review


(Spoilers ahead)

Cal (Skye’s father) assembles a team of gifted individuals from SHIELD’s Index that include Angar the Screamer and KF Gideon, to gain revenge from Coulson. Meanwhile, May calls on her SHIELD ex-husband Dr. Garners, a therapist and expert on the gifted who seems to be able to help Skye on her gift.

Meanwhile, Hunter is locked up in a motel room while Mac awaits orders. Bobbi and Coulson are able to follow Cal and his team of Inhumans to a university in Wisconsin, where they set a trap for Coulson. However, with the help of May, they are able to stop them and Cal is kidnapped by the Inhuman with no eyes and is teleported back to presumably Europe.

The Walking Dead – Season 5, Episode 14 – “Spend” Review & Recap


(Spoilers ahead)

The Alexandrians, old and new, rack up a pair of losses, in tonight’s episode, which will serve as a an us vs them that will unravel (probably badly in the remaining episodes).

Aiden, the guy you just knew was going to get someone killed? He did — again, as it turns out. He, Nicholas, Glenn, Tara, Eugene, and Noah head out on a supply run, in desperate need of some parts to repair a failing power grid system. They find the parts in a large warehouse, but also a horde of walkers locked behind a gate. One breaks free, and when Aiden unleashes gunfire at it, he hits a grenade the uniformed walker is carrying. The explosion impales Aiden onto some warehouse fixtures, and when the others try to rescue him, the swarm of walkers (who were freed during the explosion) force them to flee, and Aiden is eaten alive (good riddance).

CAAMFest 2015: An Interview with Wong Fu’s Philip Wang on directing AFTER US playing in FALLING shorts program

YOMYOMF is a community co-presenter for CAAMFest, the annual San Francisco Asian American Film Festival, presented by the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM). The Festival kicks off today, March 12 and ends on March 22 in the East Bay. For the full film and events listing, and to buy tickets visit the official website.

We continue our CAAMFest Filmmaker Spotlight by interviewing Philip Wang, the director of the short film AFTER US, which is playing with other love themed shorts in a program called FALLING. Wang is also part of the Internet filmmaking powerhouse known as Wong Fu Productions.

Agents of SHIELD — Season 2, Episode 12 — “Who You Really Are” Review & Recap

(Spoilers ahead)

“Who You Really Are,” the 12th episode of this amazing season, delivered the goods. This was, perhaps, my favorite episode so far, because it struck a nice balance between the current SHIELD mythology, Skye’s struggle to hide her new powers, and a major MCU thread with Lady Sif’s second appearance on the show.

The episode starts on a beach in Portugal, where a bunch of teens are hanging out around a bonfire, singing songs, until a mysterious figure, holding a sword, walks out from the ocean. It’s Lady Sif, but she seems to have lost her memory and is asking “where kava is.” When one of the young lotharios tries to pick her up, she throws him across the beach.

CAAMFest 2015: An interview with HOLLOW director Ham Tran + Win a Pair of Free Tickets to the Screening!

YOMYOMF is a community co-presenter for CAAMFest, the annual San Francisco Asian American Film Festival, presented by the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM). The Festival kicks off this Thursday, March 12 and ends on March 22 in the East Bay. For the full film and events listing, and to buy tickets visit the official website.

We continue our CAAMFest Filmmaker Spotlight by interviewing Ham Tran, the director of the Vietnamese horror film, HOLLOW. A relatively new genre in the burgeoning market of Vietnamese cinema, the film was a box office hit when it was released last summer in Vietnam.

CAAMFest 2015: An interview with SEOUL SEARCHING director Benson Lee

This year we are a community co-presenter for CAAMFest, the annual San Francisco Asian American Film Festival, presented by the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM). The festival kicks off this Thursday, March 12, with ’80s set Korean American teen comedy SEOUL SEARCHING directed by Benson Lee (PLANET B-BOY, MISS MONDAY).

We saw the film at Sundance, where it had its world premiere, and really liked it! It was definitely one of many highlights in Park City and we’re stoked to be co-promoting this film for its Bay Area premiere!

So, we did a quick interview with Benson Lee, the writer-director of SEOUL SEARCHING and here’s what he has to say:

The Walking Dead – “Forget” – Season 5, Episode 13 Recap and Review


(David is off again this week so Philip joins Anderson to discuss this week‘s episode)

(Spoilers ahead)

Rick, Carol and Daryl come up with a plan to get their guns back and hide them in the abandoned home outside the walls, where Rick hid another gun in the blender (but it’s now missing). They agree that although things seem to be good a Alexandria, either it’s too good to be true or shit will go down when another group will attack, invade and pillage and they’ve got to prepare for battle or an exit strategy. At the end of their meeting, a stray walker comes by and is taken down by Carol when they notice the letter W carved on its forehead.

Meanwhile, Sasha has trouble to fit in on the normalcy of Alexandria. She takes family photos from the home (most likely the original home owners who are now deceased) takes them out to the forest and shoots them as target practice. She also starts hearing sounds in her head (walkers chewing on flesh). Deanna, the leader of Alexandria, observes Sasha’s behavior and requests that she come to a party that she is throwing that night. Everyone else is having a slow but easier time adjusting to their new lives — Michonne is also a constable and literally hangs up her samurai sword on her wall; Glenn and Maggie comfort Noah when he gets agitated at the party; Abraham and Rosita deal with things when they see beer and start enjoying themselves; Aaron helps Daryl try to save a horse but is soon attacked by walkers. This experience bonds them and Daryl is invited into Aaron’s home where they have a home cooked meal and Aaron asks him to be an Alexandria recruiter by showing him the motorcycle in his garage. Even Rick is having a good time, and makes a pass at Jessie, the hot married neighbor down the street.