Another Holiday Gift Idea

Remember in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke is freezing out in the ice and Han Solo, riding on a Tauntaun, finds him and to keep him warm he guts the Tauntaun and puts Luke inside the dead animal?

taun-taunNow you can enjoy the same experience in the comfort of your own home with a Tauntaun sleeping bag:

bb2e_tauntaun_sleeping_bag_cubeI’m surprised some dateless geek enterprising individual didn’t think of this idea earlier. But I’m disappointed that it doesn’t come with guts and other intestinal matter included inside. WTF?

6 thoughts on “Another Holiday Gift Idea

  1. i am going to buy this

    and every night, i will ceremoniously gut it open with my faux light saber and remove it’s faux spaghetti guts from it’s innards.

    and then i will rejuvenate like Luke did, post ice monster attack on the ice planet of hoth

    may no ton ton ever die in vain

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