The YOMYOMF Network: Recap for Week of June 24

Acting for Action w/Sung Kang – Lesson 3

Offender Sung’s third lesson happens to be on action acting for the fairer sex and his unfortunate victim this week is musician Clara C.

Will she leave empowered by valuable knowledge or harassed on a green screen red carpet? Is this even a fair question?

Internet Icon – The Word Challenge (Parts 1 and 2)

In the third episode of Internet Icon, the newly minted Top Ten compete to stay in the game. This week, contestants must use at least five of a list of ten words in their videos or risk getting eliminated.

Who will have the last word and who will be left speechless?


As part of our new YOMYOMF Network series, The Short List, where we present short films we love every Friday at Noon EST, we’ve reached out to the filmmakers of each highlighted short film, which is part of this ongoing series. It’s a way for them to revisit their film and get an update on their next projects.

This week, we ask 5 questions to Timothy Kendall and Chris Marrs, the director and writer/star (respectively) of Just Before Dark, who answered our questions collectively. You can watch their film here:[youtube][/youtube]

God I Miss Him

Can you even name the current Secretary of Defense?  Right, neither can I.  Know why?  ’cause he’s BOOORRRRING!

Not like this guy.  This guy knew how to work a room:

Some of you might be too young to remember, but before Donald Rumsfeld resigned in 2006, there was a time when he was adored. I mean, he had the press corps – and the public – eating out of his hand.  He could charm anyone.  History may brand him a crappy Secretary of Defense, but when he was on top, he was on top.

For your pleasure, I now present a sampling of the wit, wisdom, wordplay – and mind bending arrogance – of Donald Henry Rumsfeld:

Why Japan is Awesome #710: Robot That Kicks Your Ass at Rock, Paper, Scissors Every Time

Leave it to the Japanese to bestow the world with another awesome robot creation—this time one that uses something called a computer vision system to win at the game of rock, paper, scissors every time.

That means no matter how good you are at this game, no matter how crafty you are, no matter how smart you are, no matter how much you cheat, this robot will kick your ass 100% of the time.

Basically, the robot’s computer vision system can analyze your hand movements to quickly figure out which of the three shapes you will choose and select the shape that will beat you. Check it out:

10 Things I Learned While Shooting, Directing & Editing My First Music Video


Adam WarRock quit his full-time job as a lawyer in June 2010 to pursue a career in music. You can read his YOMYOMF guest blog describing his experiences here

Every year around the anniversary of leaving his job, he has a donation drive to raise funds to keep releasing tons of free content each year. This is the only time of the year he has a donate button, he’s never done a kickstarter or fundraiser, and funds everything associated with his indie music career out of pocket. Donate any amount, and get tons of exclusive content as a thank you. Donate here

[youtube][/youtube]In celebration of this two year anniversary, he’s released his first official music video. Here’s some things he learned while doing it:

Beauty and the BEAT, Disney & Taking Back Stereotypes

It’s been an interesting week here at YOMYOMF. With our frank, candid discussion about transgender portrayals vs. guys in drag for comedy’s sake, and the perpetuation of stereotypes, it’s been real here on the blog. With the YOMYOMF Network, although solely for entertainment, we are perpetuating positive Asian American media portrayals, even though that’s not front and center of our mandate. The fact that many of the producers and members behind the network are Asian American, doesn’t necessarily make it a main point on the overall agenda

Bookshelf Porn

Ooooh man, that’s sexy. I love stacks and stacks of musty old books. And there are others like me who have this book fetish. Thank Buddha that a site called BookshelfPorn, exists! With the advent of Kindles and Nooks, the e-book is screwing up my buzz and attraction for well stocked shelves of books, or the tactile sensation of leather bound books that smell of mahogany.

I ripped off that line from Ron Burgundy, but you get the point. There’s nothing like book shelves, especially embedded in cool used book stores that you can spend a whole day in, or in modernist architectural homes where book shelves are key. I just need some Eames chairs, and I’m set! Oh, yeah! So whenever you’re in the mood for some bookshelf erotica, just go over to the Bookshelf Porn site, where you can see a cornucopia of beautiful and sexy images of books, leaning and lying every which way possible. Here are some of my personal faves:

I Eat Blueberries for Breakfast


Charli is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii near where the iceheads were in Waikiki. Typically working as an editor, she also produces short films, works as an assistant programmer for Outfest, and co-organizes the Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival. Charli is also an Aries, a gaming nerd, and a proud Japanese American.

I’ve been a long time fan of YOMYOMF ever since Anderson first posted about Krazy Karaoke back in 2009. Anderson’s pretty cool. He once took a bunch of film students like me from the Academy for Creative Media to karaoke when we were in Shanghai as part of an exchange program.

So imagine how surprised I was to find a highlighted short film that was so offensive to who I am.

Should I Be Worried That My Son Punched A Hole In The Wall?

In two days Rafael turns 16.

It all happened in a flash.  We were watching the opening game of “The Battle of the Bay” series between the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants – me, my wife Linda, my 12 year old son Gabriel, and Rafael – when the A’s jumped out to an early 3-1 lead in the first inning and held it through the top of the ninth.  So far, so good: we’re A’s fans.

The A’s brought in closer Ryan Cook, who’s been terrific, with a 0.57 ERA coming into the game.

Rafael was thrilled:“If the A’s are still ahead and they bring in Cook, it’s lights out,” he said.

How to Travel the Asian Way This Summer

I’m sure many of our readers know that the Taiwan-based Eva Airlines already has a few Hello Kitty-themed planes in their fleet and their recent announcement that they have added two more planes based on the popular Sanrio character brings the total to five.

That’s five opportunities to travel in the lap of Hello Kitty-inspired luxury:

Where everything has a touch of Hello Kitty from the boarding passes/baggage stickers:


What makes you click “like” on facebook?  What makes you want to post or repost a video or article or picture that you just saw on facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube, etc?

Now let’s assume it’s not your job to create viral videos, images, or stories.  Let’s explore this thought as an experiencer of the internet, not a creator of it.

So what makes ME want to share, post, re-post, forward, link, etc. to all those I am connected to via the internet?  Well, the majority of stuff I’ve been sharing as of late tends to revolve around ideas, thoughts, images, concepts, and videos that either inspire the weary spirit and/or reminds us of how fortunate we really are.  I think I share this stuff because I am seeking it too.  And by sharing it via the social networks, perhaps I feel less alone knowing that others will hopefully reply and, if inspired enough, will repost it to share that energy with their others.  Outside of that, I share the dude and dad stuff – stuff that’s rated R, not cruel, but makes you laugh your ass off, vomit, and/or say WTF, OMG, No Way!

So what inspires you to share something you just saw, read, or experienced online with your social network the second you come across it?


JUSTIN:  I’m extremely social network inept so I don’t know how much I can contribute to this conversation.  However, I do find the whole sharing concept similar to when DVD’s were introduced to the home consumer.  Because each ‘like’ or ‘share’ is perceived as a personal recommendation, the sum of it all ends up defining the user.

SAF Seeking… $5 Cheap Metro Date

Your chariot has arrived.

“I think I just saw someone shoot up someone else with heroin,” I whispered quietly to my man as we walked briskly through skid row.

Yeah, we had taken a wrong turn.

You see, we were exploring LA via the Metro Rail, the fairly underused but really great public transportation set up by LA county and billions of tax payer dollars.

Ever since the whole General Motors Conspiracy to wipe out the trolley system in Los Angeles (or so I’ve been told), LA has been a land of freeway on ramps and off ramps, gridlock, and smog. So imagine my joy when my man suggested for a date, we just ‘ride the metro gold line and see where it takes us‘.