ON THE OFFENSIVE: special ROCKY edition

Family argument time! At the YOMYOMF dinner table, our family members don’t bicker about the economy, stupid political ads, or the weather. We debate – heatedly – about which movie is the superior Rocky sequel: ROCKY III or ROCKY IV. Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago. Offenders Justin and Philip in one corner and Jimmy and Anderson in the other. I MUST BREAK YOU…

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Why is it Always the Asian American Saying We Shouldn’t be Offended at Racist Slights Against Asian Americans?

Over at ESPN.com, a group of commentators including ESPN senior writer Lynn Hoppes, who is Asian American, discussed the topic of Jeremy Lin the other day and asked if we, as a society, are being too sensitive about the topic of LINsanity and race–i.e. ESPN’s own “chink in the armor” faux pas (check out the video of the discussion below after the jump).

Once again, it is the one Asian (Hoppes) who goes out of his way to make the point that Asian Americans shouldn’t be offended, we’re being too sensitive, we should be happy sucking on white dick, yadda yadda bullshit while the non-Asians are the ones calling out the racist shit for what it is.

The 33 Strategies of Sports: The Intelligence Strategy

The days you get your ass kicked, it’s usually not because of the situation, the person or organization you are facing – it’s because of your lack of preparation and attention. If you’re humiliated in a job interview, it’s because you didn’t know enough about the company’s philosophy. If you’re on a date and suddenly become an asshole, it’s because you’re not paying enough attention to the person sitting opposite you. In either case, you have become trapped in your own narcissism.

The greatest weapon is never more money or manpower, it’s the ability to read the mind of the man or woman you are facing. If you can read minds, you can literally accomplish anything. This is what the government calls “intelligence”. They never send agents out without having “Intel” brief them on their mission – like in a 007 movie.

In sports, when a favored opponent loses to a weaker one, they call it an “upset”. And if you’re into sports, the bigger the upset, the more thrilling the experience (unless you were cheering for the team that lost). Because, there is nothing like a good ass kicking that mirrors real life more accurately. Welcome Back to “The 33 Strategies of Sports”, a concoction of Robert Greene’s “33 Strategies of War” and sports history.

Chinky or Not Chinky: I Kissed a Broke Girl and I Riked It Edition

So on last night’s episode of the popular CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls, Asian American actor Tim Chiou guest-starred as a handsome web designer who hooks up with Caroline, the blond broke girl. I know Tim and it’s great to see him play that rarity in Hollywood—a sexy Asian American dude with no accent who gets to kiss the girl (and a blond white girl to boot) and a whole lot more.

That should normally be the end of the story, but things get complicated by the fact that this positive Asian American male character is on a show where one of the other regular characters is…Han:

Silence de Nice – a Frenchman’s connection

Jean Dujardin.  He just won best actor at the 2012 Academy Awards.

But before he was The Artist, he was Brice de Nice.

Before he was this…

Jean Dujardin was this…

I’m not sure Jean Dujardin knew he was on the path to an Academy Award when he was making this music video (posted below).  Which makes this music video all the more amazing to watch.  Sasha Baron Cohen, you’re next!

via GeneR (thank you)

Remember When You Were About 20, and You Got Your Hands On a Camera, and You Went Around Town Taking Snapshots of Broken Fences, Graffiti, Phone Poles and Junk Like That as Part of Some Sort of Half Assed “Urban Photo Essay,” and You Felt Like You Were the First Person in the World to See Beauty in Mundane Urban Artifacts, but, really, in the Back Of Your Mind, you knew You Were Being a Bit Pretentious, and it’s Not Like You Had a Real Skill or something – like, say, Painting, or Calligraphy, or Knot Tying – You Were Just Shooting Autofocus Snapshots, but You Felt Kinda Cool and Arty Anyway?

I do.

And I cringe.

Thank God I had the excuse of youth.  Still, shoot me now.

So why am I about to show you current photos of urban graffiti and art?

Because A) I now have a killer excuse to run around taking snapshots:I bought an iPhone about a month ago as part of my attempt to join the 21st century, and B) as my 11 year old son Gabriel and I were taking our dog for a walk on a little spit of landfill near our home inhabited by dog walkers, the homeless and intinerant artists, he said, “Dad, you should take pictures of this stuff for your blog.”

Building Blocks of a Great Story (and All Forms of Art)

Happy Monday, compadres. Since it’s a chilly, grey, post-Oscars Monday here in LA, I’ve been in a contemplative mood about great films, and art in general. As the dust settles after Hollywood’s biggest prom event (i.e. the Oscars) and the winners are sleeping off their champagne fueled hangovers all nuzzled next to their Oscar statuettes, and the countless entertainment peons go back to work, one cannot be reticent that it’s so hard to make a good, or even great, film. And for those countless dreamers who come here, straight off the bus from Kansas, ala Axl Rose in the Welcome to the Jungle music video, to realize their dreams as storytellers and content makers, how do you cut through all the bullshit and just make good art? It’s tough. It’s all a numbers game and frankly, 1 in a million will make it. That’s why there are so many jaded waiters in LA, because they’ve slogged through it all. It can get pretty depressing.

SAF Seeking… Landing in LA

Where the hell????

Drove to work this morning while the LA sun battled with the LA haze to shine more particles on us hapless car zombies below. This was strange. There was no traffic. What is usually a 50+ minute car commute to me, was strangely pleasant. Usually I’m crawling at 15 mph with an occasional “Hey, what the hell! Use your turn signal!” immediate brake here and there. I’m humming along at 65 mph at 8:30am, very odd. I even get off my exit (Glendale Blvd) and no traffic. Usually it’s a sea of red lights bottlenecking themselves into 2 lanes (down from 5) and at least one homeless man with a sign that says, “God Bless You!” walking from driver’s side window to the next, giving you the eye and hoping to catch a moment of insecurity from you. I’m whizzing along. I’m actually on the streets of downtown LA now, and I’m actually driving fast enough to pass the bicyclists. (Rare, indeed!) I’m a bit unnerved. Is it a holiday? Wasn’t President’s Day last week?

Empty Glendale Blvd... where are my fellow car sufferers????

Around The Horn – Unfulfilled OBSESSIONS

Do you have an unfulfilled obsession?

I’m curious because usually if you have an obsession (ie. passion, strong interest, mania, addiction, infatuation, fetish, etc.), you’re usually doing it, living it, and/or being it 110%, 24/7.

I’m not sure if it’s rare or common, but I’m curious how many of you have an unfulfilled obsession – something that you just love terribly and think about all the time but have not allowed yourself to fully experience or express.

So what’s your unfulfilled obsession (if you even have one)?  I’m not talking fantasy, btw.  I’m talking about something real and of this earth.  Something that you absolutely love, but for some reason, have intentionally or unintentionally postponed.

I’ll tell you mine – sports cars.

me likes long time