The Best 80′s Christmas Song That Isn’t “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

If you existed anywhere near L.A. in the 80′s, and listented to K-ROQ any time at all in the month of December, then you know what I’m talking about.  It’s The Waitresses’ holiday masterpiece, “Christmas Wrapping:”

This isn’t just bubblegum pop: The Spice Girls covered it in 1998, and the character of Brittany sang it on an episode of “Glee” this year.

So…um…uh…yeah, maybe it is bubblegum pop, but it’s damn fine bubblegum pop.

The Waitresses, best known for another K-ROQ classic, “I Know What Boys Like,” hailed from Akron, Ohio, along with sui generis new wave oddballs Devo (must be something in the water).

Add Your Own Caption: The True Meaning of Christmas Edition

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And the “best” caption for this week comes from reader Masa Matsuura:

Santa: Thank God for ATMs. Jesus: You're welcome.

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What I can never have again.

Tomorrow, it will be Christmas. Another Christmas under my belt. This is, undoubtedly, my favorite time of the year.

Unfortunately, I find that the glint in my eyes that the holidays elicit seems to grow dimmer and dimmer as time passes.

The story isn’t new. Growing up, you have cares in the world, but they are few and far between. Death is a concept either wholly unknown or partially foreign and your responsibilities have not grown to towering heights yet. That’s your everyday experience.

Then Christmas comes along and all that joy that comes part and parcel with that is coupled with your already freewheeling existence and it literally feels like you can float, maybe even fly.

Top Ten K-Pop Music Videos of 2011

I really got into K-pop this year, thanks to the girl group 2NE1, a no nonsense, fun and crazy female quartet who can do it all — rap, R&B, dance, and from different walks of life. They became my starter drug into a burgeoning music industry and genre that is ripe for world domination. And when I mean world domination, I mean thousands of fans from around the world, thanks to open business model that wants to build a worldly fan base. Much like hallyu with the popularity of Korean TV dramas and movies, K-Pop has jumped into the limelight, with not only a Pan-Asian craze in Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, but also Europe and the US.

2NE1 is the perfect example. With all 4 members (CL, Minzy, Bom, and Dara) fluent in English and Korean, not to also mention conversational Japanese and Tagalog, 2NE1 has become a force to be reckon with, selling out concerts around Asia and also building a fan base in America, and winning the MTV Iggy Best Band in the World Award, where they recently performed at Times Square a couple of weeks ago. They also recorded an American album that was produced by Wil.I.Am, which is set for release sometime in 2012.

So, yeah, I got K-Pop obsessed, and soon enough, I became hooked on watching the latest music videos on Youtube, which rack tens of millions of views in a matter of days. And since I recently blogged about my upcoming top ten random lists of the year, I figured this would be a fun exercise to check out some slickly produced music videos, in which Korea is so known for. So here’s the top ten of the year:

Why the Death of Kim Jong Il Means More Bad News for the ‘Red Dawn’ Remake

Regular YOMYOMF readers know that we’ve been following the saga of the upcoming remake of the 1980s film Red Dawn since the early days of our blog when Offender Roger had his own not so pleasant experience with the project.

The original film was about a group of suburban American high school kids who must single-handedly fight off a Russian military invasion. In the remake, the bad guys are were the Chinese coming to collect on the huge U.S. debt. But the film has met with numerous roadblocks and delays including a post-production race change of the bad guys from Chinese to North Korean; presumably because the producers realized it’d be a bad idea to piss off China and its potentially huge box office profits (although the producers insist the change was made because some “real smart person” told them North Korea is a more “realistic” threat to the U.S. Uh…OK?).

However, the film finally received some good news this fall when it was picked up for distribution and even given a release date for November 2012. But alas, this positivity may only be temporary with the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il last week.

Why is this a bad thing for the film?


Christmas shopping is a tinsel covered nightmare.

The endless spots on TV would have you believe it’s just a light hearted, fun filled chance to bathe the ones you love in the warmth you’ve been building up all year.  Bullshit.  Christmas shopping is a pop quiz, a trick question, a trap designed to reveal whether you really know another person or not.  The pressure is enormous, the stakes sky high.

Here’s how Christmas shopping went for us this year.

Louis C.K. is the new KevJumba?

I know, I know… Comparing Louis C.K. to KevJumba is such a weird and awkward statement, even though awkward is an understatement in C.K.’s brand of comedy. But, what he is doing with content distribution is what the likes of KevJumba and other Internet stars have been doing for awhile now — Going directly to their niche fan bases, bypassing middle men and successfully monetizing the whole process.

Louis C.K., who we absolutely love at YOMYOMF, just hit the $1 Million mark in earnings after he released his comedy special directly to his fans online for $5 a pop last week. He basically covered the costs of renting the Beacon Theater and a camera crew through ticket sales, edited and directed the comedy special himself and set up a micro-site and sold the video file via Paypal. Sites like CNN and NYT are calling this a warning sign to the studios because C.K. circumvented the distributors, and went straight to his fans. He didn’t care if they downloaded it, pirate it and share it amongst their friends. Check out this clip where he talks about making a million in only 10 days and how he gave most of it to his staff and charity.

Best day of the year

Barring birth of a child or a White House visit, this is my favorite event every year (and no it’s not red carpet premieres or globetrotting around the world scouting locations).  It’s fantasy basketball draft– by far.

Yes, that's a microphone for each team to announce their draft selection.

This year was no different.  While I’d love to continue sharing with you what this world is all about via this blog , I think it is better if it’s done by someone who is the best in the business– Bill Simmons.

Please read his blog here and then come back for the visual tour, courtesy of Offender Jerome.

FLOUNDERING FILM FLUNKEE and the great excuse for having no life.

The funny thing about life is that having one is entirely optional.

The choice is up to us. Instead of an outgoing, social existence, we can opt to have an insular one populated only by ourselves and our hobbies and idiosyncrasies.

As a nerd, I made my choice a long time ago. And though my interests have hopped all around the board over the course of my life, the extent to which they overtake my time remains consistent and large.

Once, it was Saturday morning cartoons. Later, it was video games. Now, the sole occupier of my time is le cinema.

The Thing about the Thing

The Thing 2011

The thing about The Thing is that I love both movies—the 2011 remake and the 1982 John Carpenter classic—but ironically neither of them did well at the box office. Because I’m a horror junkie I see things through different eyes than the average viewer. But the curious thing about The Thing is that even though the 1982 original was considered a cult classic but a box office disappointment, Universal went ahead and remade The Thing anyway in 2010 and it ended up in a similar financial fate.

What do you think?