DC Universe to be rebooted again

Some major news came out today in the comic book world. Chief creative officers and co-publishers Geoff Johns and Jim Lee announced that the DC Universe will be rebooted, with new editions reverting back to issue #1. The first book to be released is Justice League of America, bringing back the classic team comprised of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman (the drawing above is a sneak peek of the rebooted team by Jim Lee). From  USA Today:

(Geoff) Johns promises a focus on the interpersonal relationships within DC’s trademark superteam. “What’s the human aspect behind all these costumes?” he says. “That’s what I wanted to explore.

Mind If I Borrow Your Nostalgia?

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find this sitting on a shelf at my local Safeway:

In that instant I was transported back to the summer of 1965.  I was a grad student living in Berkeley, and just the year before, 10,000 of us had spontaneously surrounded a police car which had driven on to campus to arrest political activist Jack Weinberg.  I kicked a cop in the shin, was arrested, detained, but in the end, we prevailed.

The Free Speech movement was born, civil rights were in the air, and I was making the political very personal by dating Odessa, a gorgeous young black activist whose older sister had taken part in the Freedom Rides of 1961 (Odessa’s sense of style, by the way, made Betty Draper look like a frumpy housewife).

Everyone Prematurely Ejaculates

Priligy, the new premature ejaculation pill, was released earlier this month in Singapore and has completely sold out. Perhaps not surprising when you consider that premature ejaculation has become the most common male sex health problem globally and one in three men in Singapore is said to suffer from it.

Now, I just have one thing to say on this subject: Why do people automatically think premature ejaculation is a bad thing?

‘Cause ladies, if you’re with a man and he shoots his load prematurely, it means that you are so incredibly sexy and beautiful that he just can’t help but explode. How is that bad? You should feel flattered that he jizzes faster than Carl Lewis ran the 100m. So what if it means you’ll be left “unsatisfied?” Let’s be honest, even if your man goes the distance, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be satisfied anyway. You’re just going to pull out that Hello Kitty vibrator from under your bed the moment he goes to the bathroom or falls asleep and finish “properly.”

What Does a Flag at Half Mast Mean?

Today is a day of remembrance of all the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for this country’s freedom. A symbol of that freedom is always reminded by looking at the American flag. It might not have meant much when I was younger other than a morning right-hand-over-heart pledge of allegiance. But serving in the military for six years, traveling to other countries and seeing the difference between America and other countries, I realized how fortunate we have it here. I remember one of the stressful but satisfying ceremonies to perform on the ship is raising and lower the flag. Most people probably will notice all the American flags at half staff (or half mast if you are on a ship) today. As a sailor, I always wondered what it meant. I knew the country would fly it at half mast on a holiday like today or a day like for the Pearl Harbor attack. Even when a worldwide disaster happens like the tsunami or even a national massacre such as Virgina Tech, we will fly our flag at half mast for respect for the lost. But what does it really mean? Lemme explain more and how to properly raise and lower a flag.

The Unseen Enemy

On this solemn day when we pay respects to those who have sacrificed their lives for our cherished freedoms, let us not forget those who have bravely surmounted that other grave challenge to our way of life:  the unseasonal stomach flu.

It began Wednesday.  My wife Linda complained of indigestion after dinner.  An hour later I was handing her our large plastic yellow popcorn bowl and supplying her with a folded, damp wash cloth for her forehead. By her count, it was seven solid retchings.

On Thursday our ten year old Gabriel had turned ashen and sweaty, and was puking his guts out.

The ‘Chinglish’ Journal: Week 2 (May 30, 2011)


Tony Award-winning playwright David Henry Hwang (M. BUTTERFLY) is in rehearsals for his latest play CHINGLISH in Chicago where it will have its world premiere at the historic Goodman Theater from June 18-July 24. DHH has graciously agreed to blog regularly throughout the rehearsal process to give our readers a glimpse into how a major theatrical production comes to life.

We’ve completed our second week of rehearsals, and things still seem to be going remarkably well. Leigh (the show’s director) keeps the rehearsal room humming with her energy, insights, and sense of humor. Our actors are digging into the script, making discoveries, and deepening their characterizations. Surprisingly, they’re all easy to work with – not a prima donna in the bunch.

As the playwright, my job in rehearsals is to provide insight into the play when appropriate, but, most importantly, to continue rewriting and fine-tuning the script. Unlike some writers, I don’t like to follow along in the text as the actors run scenes. I believe playwriting is sort of like writing music, where the notes on the staff are less important than how they sound in the air. Therefore, a part of me couldn’t care less about the words on the page. Because we’re not publishing a book, here, we’re putting on a show, and the audience isn’t going to be looking at my script, they’re going to be watching and listening to what’s happening onstage.

So I do the same: watch the actors, and listen to the scenes. I’m constantly on the lookout for stuff that feels false, forced, overwritten, cheesy – moments which neither illuminate character nor move the plot forward. When that happens, I get a bad feeling — I grow bored, or slightly nauseous.

STUCK IN MY BRAIN: “1000 Words” from Final Fantasy X-2.

I used to be a huge video game nerd (HUGE because I was kind of fat once), but this is a vice I’ve now, by and large, given up.

RPGs at one point were my bread and butter and while I wasn’t hipster enough for the Dragon Quest series, Final Fantasy was definitely my poison.  Again, I wasn’t hardcore enough to have started this at an early, early age – when my diet was mostly Mega Man X and first party Nintendo games – but I did get in when most of my generation did, with Final Fantasy VII.

Oddly enough, though my RPG journey took me all the way through Final Fantasy X, I didn’t bother taking the plunge into Square’s (or was it Square-Enix then already?) first direct Final Fantasy sequel, Final Fantasy X-2.

Now, the main thing you need to know about X and X-2 is that the latter features a lot more singing because the protagonist is now also a pop singer…?  Fuck, I don’t know – you can’t expect me to research this can you?

Well, here’s the Main Theme for the game, which, coincidentally, is now ringing in my brain incessantly:

This is a song I have quite a history with, if one anecdote can constitute “quite a history.”  In my mid-teens, I was obsessed with video game scores and my music library traces my musical interests all the way back to their inception.

The Command and Control Strategy

Welcome back to “The 33 Strategies of War” by Robert Greene, as seen through the hidden lessons of sports. Last week, we digested The Death Ground Strategy, finishing our first course, “Self-Directed Warfare”.

Now, let us begin the second course, “Organizational Team Warfare”, the first dish being…


Unless you live in a cave, you know this situation well. You’ve been hired to complete an important project. You recruit a group of creative people. Everyone has ideas they want to contribute, including your investors, reducing your brilliant plans to rubble. The project ends up okay, but you know it could have been amazing shit had they followed your vision. Too many egos. Too many ideas. There’s a saying in sports. There’s only one ball to go around.


What I Learned on YOMYOMF This Week is a capsule of the week’s blogs with sarcastic commentary from Yours Truly (that’s me!).  If you’ve been busy and missed out on a couple of our daily gems, this is a perfect way to catch up.

But seriously – what was more important than reading YOMYOMF?

As May winds down, our articulate bloggers tackle double-entendres; sexual positions as food pricing; and Totoro.

Yeah, I know you came here for the Totoro, you sick fuck.


“If no Rapture happens today, it’s because Jesus got a hold of one of these and was too pre-occupied testing them out to remember the Apocalypse.”

It’s a tossup between that and the possibility that He finally microwaved a burrito so hot even He couldn’t touch it.


“A small crowd of gatherers and his old climbing buddies were circled around him since apparently, being a sausage king is news that travels fast.”

“Sausage King” sounds like some Urban Dictionary term.  It wouldn’t surprise me.

EDIT: Surprise me sometime, Internet.

The Drug of Ink Smell and Paper

I am a big fan of Gerhard Steidl. An international publisher of many of the most significant photo and art books, his contribution to publishing, and the art and design world is beyond great. He is a visionary craftsman, who personally oversees the production of each book, from conception to final product. He has expanded to non-fiction and literature, but his dabbling into more populist fare allows him to fund some of his more personal projects. Bottom-line, he is a true artist, who fights the good fight when it comes to the importance of books; the need for tactile connections with a tome, as well as the smell of ink and the feel of paper, which are qualities that vary for each book, providing a unique DNA for every tome or edition he publishes. In a world of Kindles and iPads, this is very refreshing.