Do Koreans Really Believe That ‘Joanie Loves Penis’?

If you don’t remember ABC’s TV series Joanie Loves Chachi (1982-83), you’re not alone. This spin-off of the more successful Happy Days, where young lovers Joanie and Chachi moved to Chicago to pursue their music career, died quickly after being pounced in the ratings by another new show entitled The A-Team. But to this day, people still believe the program was not only a huge success in South Korea, but the highest-rated American TV series to ever air on Korean television.

And why would people think this? Because as the story goes, when the title of the show was translated into the Korean language, the name of the show inadvertantly became Joanie Loves Penis.

Short Film Spotlight: CIVILIZATION (Video Mural)

This edition of the Short Film Spotlight is a bit different. It’s not a short film, per se, but a video mural for the Standard Hotel in New York. Civilization depicts a journey from hell to heaven interpreted through modern film language using computer-enhanced found footage. This epic video mural contains over 300 individual channels of looped video blended into a multi-layered seamless tableau of interconnecting images that illustrate a contemporary, satirical take on the concepts of Heaven and Hell. [youtube][/youtube] It’s postmodern, stunning and haunting, like a mixed tape version of Dante’s Inferno. Also, do yourself a favor and expand this video to fullscreen to really appreciate the visuals.

Coffee Girl of the Day

This past weekend, YOMYOMF Offenders Phil, Anderson, Emmie and I took a field trip to some Vietnamese Coffee House’s in the O.C.

As I’m growing more grey hairs on the side of my head, I realize what qualities are more important in my dream woman. I know every “nice guy” is trained to say its her personality and in normal world it’s quite true. But in bizarro Vietnamese Coffee house world, the most important quality is not her personality but rather her passion in tea pouring.

In Need of Obama Care

(BTW: Don’t watch the video if you’re weak of heart or are eating Hamburger Helper. Seriously.  I can’t do it myself.)

That’s it.  I’m now looking for ‘donation based’ knee surgery.

I am the face of the uninsured.  Yes, my american-born, college-educated, creatively-blessed ass is uninsured.  Except for the few years when I actually earned more than $20,000/year freelancing or when I was covered doing work as a university teaching assistant, my health insurance status changes as often as my underwear.  Sometimes I can afford COBRA, and sometimes I just avoid all dangerous activities (downhill skiing, horseback riding, walking in Los Angeles) and stick to safer activities like driving my car and going grocery shopping.

Paul Newman’s Tuna Casserole

Phil’s blog reminded me of a story that A.C. Lyles told at a function I attended once.  A. C. Lyles is a producer and unofficial ambassador for Paramount Studios.  He is 91 and sharp as a tack.  Having been in the business for 78 years, he has a lot of stories to tell.  One of them was about Paul Newman’s tuna casserole.  It went something along the lines of this:

The Science Behind the 5-Second Rule of Dropped Food

Most of us are familiar with the 5-second rule, which states that if you drop your food on the ground, it is safe to eat it as long as you pick it up before five seconds is up. It’s unclear where this “rule” came from, but is there any truth to it?

Well, Molly Goettsche and Nicole Moin, two biology students from Connecticut College put this axiom to the test. In a series of experiments, they dropped everything from apple slices to Skittles on the floor and measured how long it took before dangerous bacteria made the food unsafe to eat. The result?

The Vietnamese Coffee Experience


UPDATE: Inspired by Anson’s post on Vietnamese coffee houses where the waitresses are scantily-clad women, some of us Offenders decided to do some “research” and investigate a few of these establishments. I decided to blog about our afternoon in real time. The Offenders who were with me–Anderson, Anson and Emmie–have also promised to post their own blogs in the near future (with additional photos, of course).

12:10 PM: I’m here with two of my fellow Offenders Anson and Anderson at Cafe Di Vang in Garden Grove enjoying a nice cup of Vietnamese coffee. More detailed blogs to come later but thought I’d just do some updates throughout the afternoon. Stay tuned.

12:16 PM: Offender Emmie called to say she is on her way so that this does not turn into just a sausage fest.

12:20 PM: Anderson is the “expert” on these establishments and he is filling us in on his experiences. He says people come here and hang out all day and it looks that way. It’s pretty packed on a Saturday afternoon. People hanging out playing Chinese chess and keno.

CALIGULA Director to make 3-D Porn Film

The Hollywood Reporter reports that longtime Italian erotic film director Tinto Brass is set to direct his next film in 3-D. Brass, 76, best known for his 1979 film CALIGULA, which he directed in collaboration with noted author Gore Vidal and magazine publisher Bob Guccione (publisher of Penthouse), said the time is right for 3D technologies to be used to create an erotic film. He noted that the project, which he said will be the world’s first 3D erotic film, will also be the first 3D film of any type made in Italy.

The “Darker” Side of Siskel and Ebert

When I was growing up and first falling in love with the movies, I’d tune in every week to watch Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert’s show. It was must-see TV; not just because they had a deep knowledge and passion for the medium, but because they were fucking entertaining. A lot of the entertainment value had to do with the love-hate relationship that was clearly evident; especially when they disagreed about something. It’s nice to know this carried over behind-the-scenes as the following outtakes demonstrate. Even when the cameras were off, they were the movie critic equivalent of a Hepburn-Tracy movie. No one’s done it better since and I doubt anyone else will:

One Good Thing, One Bad Thing

One Good Thing

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cake.

My dear friend and business partner, we’ll call him Nick, is going through a very rough separation from his wife, Nora. They’ve dated for 11 years, been married for five. I’ve known them both since I opened the bars. He built the dj booth, built our sign, and has been a key dj of mine to this very day, spinning once or twice a week, every week, for the last ten years. She, too, has been one of my right hands. She’s bartended for me since day one. She’s charming, sweet, kind. We tease her that she makes “Hello Kitty” look like a bitch. They’re just this super cute Oakland hipster couple, driving around in a ’64 T-bird that he airbrushed with skulls, dice and all sorts of other Oaklandish totems. Picture perfect.

Mexican Craving

Being back in the states after a short time away in Asia has been a windy, over priced, but stomach satisfying start. Of course I can eat beef noodles, rice plates, hot pot, street food, and deep fried bugs til my heart contents. But while I was traveling abroad, I truly missed some of my favorite, easy to get, taken for granted type meals. On the top of my list would be Mexican food…specifically carne asada fries and a wet burrito. I can’t wait to get to the bay for a Gordo’s quesadilla and My Taco down the street.

What kind of food do you miss and crave while you are away from home?