So bad, it’s good


When I was in Orange County this past weekend, I was lured by the nostalgic glow of the local Dairy Queen with its cheerful, iconic red sign and had the soft serve chocolate dipped cone which triggered all my happy childhood food memories.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this little piece of fake vanilla and chocolate heaven.  I generally prefer natural or organic food – the taste is often so much purer, fresher, and just better.  And for a long time, I merely tolerated fast or packaged food as something to stave off hunger when trapped in hermetically sealed environments like the airplane, office buildings, and shopping malls.  But there was something magical about this dessert.  The vanilla soft serve melts in your mouth like a marshmallow cloud.  The chocolate shell tastes nothing like grown-up, antioxidant rich, high percentage cacao content chocolate but instead, evokes the taste of “kiddie” chocolate – a cold-fusion of cocoa and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil that graces treats from Eskimo Pie to Klondike Bars.  This was the kind of blissful sensory and taste combination that nature just can’t invent.  

Phil’s Journal Entries Part I

2712292-mIt may be hard to believe but I wasn’t always the cool and hip dude I am now. Believe it or not, I had awkward moments growing up and made my fair share of bad calls. So to help show that anyone can leave the shackles of pathetic-ness behind, occasionally I’ll post random excerpts from my journal so you can see how far I’ve come.

Thick Skin

Got some words of wisdom from a veteran actor today.  We were talking about work ethic and ego as actors.  30 years has taught him the most important thing an actor can do is to be liked by his coworkers.  Seems  like common sense.  But unfortunately insecurities, ego, and a whole lot of other b.s causes some actors to come off as immature high school pricks.  At times I find myself a victim of my own insecurities and ego.  Most of the time it causes my perspective to become warped and destructive.  For example I recently auditioned for a role.  I got notes back that the Producers weren’t sold on me.  Right away I took this as a failure on my part.  A rejection.  I am not liked!  I have no talent!  But wait a minute.  Why am I thinking this?  Funny how my whole life I work to be happy and secure with who I am and with five words ” not sold on you yet” my world crumbles and I feel like I should just jump off a bridge.  But why do I give these words so much credit?  I guess I care… or maybe I’m just insecure.  Or… wait a minute!  What it comes down to after reading what I  just wrote is… THICK SKIN is a must.   Pretty simple, but it took me close to 226 words to figure it out.  So the question is… what do you do to figure things out and get your head straight?  I just discovered mine… blogging!

What’s your go-to joke?

Laughing Felix1

Mine is not a big hit with people.  My friend Calvin made it up, and I’ve always liked it.  It’s my go-to b/c I can’t REMEMBER any others.  Also, I’m such a horrible joke-teller that quick & short is the only kind I can make it out alive with.  The only other joke I know is a sexist one about women.

Here tis:

What is red and invisible?

No tomato!

Hm.  looks less funny in print.  better when Calvin says it .. ..

Ten Guys I’d Fuck If I Were Gay Or A Chick

Sexy-Men-HerreraSometimes I wish I had been born gay or a straight chick (well, actually being a bi-chick might be more enjoyable) so I could be attracted to men. I get guys. I get what they want. I get what they are. Life would be so much simpler. As Roger hinted in his post yesterday, we’re a lot simpler than our female counterparts. Unfortunately, God has dealt me a rotten hand by making me heterosexual, but I can fantasize, right? So if I were forced to pick ten guys I’d do, the following would be it.

Movies That Should Have Starred Asians: The Apartment

Apartment_lemmon_maclaine_smallI often get asked what my favorite movie is. It’s a hard question to answer because, quite frankly, I feel like I have thousands of “favorites” and to choose just one seems like a disservice to all the other great works out there. But if I have to choose, the one movie I’ll select more often than not is Billy Wilder’s 1960 classic The Apartment. It won a slew of Academy Awards including Best Picture and, for once, the movie that deserved to win was the one honored. It’s influenced almost every (quality) romantic comedy that’s come since from Manhattan to When Harry Met Sally (check out the ending of The Apartment, then watch the ending of those two films and you’ll see what I mean). Everything about it works—in my opinion, The Apartment may be the most perfect film ever made. But it’s also a picture that would have had an added emotional resonance had the two lead characters been Asian American.

yet another worm in a sexy Apple…

This post is a follow up to my previous post, “Why I Love A Rotten Apple”.

Apple sucks yet I love all Apple products.  As I’ve written in my previous post, my relationship with Apple is a love/hate one of the ultimate disfunction.  Since a child, all and any computers I have purchased have been of the Apple/Mac variety.  The only exception to this rule was when I was 21, just out of college, and super poor.  Unable to afford the hefty premium for an Apple computer, I was forced to go to Circuit City and purchase a Packard Bell.  It was ugly and hard to use…but it was cheap.  Beyond this one infidelity, I have always been faithful to Apple and Apple has always been loyal to sucking as much money out of my bank accounts as possible.  It’s like being in love with a super hot vampire – you get sex and the vampire sucks you to death (slowly and virtually unnoticed).  Nothing worse then getting sucked to death, I assure you of that.

Which brings me to my most recent purchase of yet another Apple product:  my new, white, iPhone 3GS…


The Mysteries Yet Uncovered

Laotian rock ratRead this piece on CNN’s website yesterday about the discovery of 163 new animal and plant species in the greater Mekong region of southeast Asian which includes the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the Yunnan Province of China. The discoveries include the Limnonectes megastomias–a fanged frog with an appetite for other frogs, insects and birds:

frogThe Musa rubinea, a wild banana known only to exist in the western Chinese province of Yunnan:

Musa rubineaAnd the Laotian rock rat (the photo at top of this page), which was thought to have been extinct for 11 million years until being discovered in this area.

All in all, since 1997, 1,200 new species have been found here, many that cannot be found anywhere else.

Kindness does not equal chain letters

Okay, I never saw the movie “Pay It Forward”. I knew it had the kid from that movie where he sees dead people. I am unfortunately, one of those unremarkable people who don’t watch movies or television very much. I actually watch a lot of youtube, and my favorite youtube thus far is still that faboo guy who danced to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video.

Paying it forward is more like amish bread...

Paying it forward is more like amish bread...


I did watch Amelie and I think it might’ve had the same premise: Do Something Good For Someone Else. Just do it. Just be nice. Be kind. Be generous. To… a stranger. Enjoy the fact that you’ve made the world a better place. Repeat.

Happy Birthday, Christopher Reeve!


supesMan, I’m behind in my work and wasn’t planning on posting any more blogs today, but damnit, today would have been Christopher Reeve’s fifty-seventh birthday and that cannot pass without at least a mention. I’m sure everyone knows the basic story of Reeve’s life as an actor, a humanitarian and how he passed away all too soon, so I’m simply going to tell a quick story about seeing the first Superman movie as a kid and why I probably wouldn’t be blogging here and doing what I’m doing right now had I not.