Western Fairytales Get Korean-ized and It’s Pretty Awesome


With the recent news related to North Korea not being so good (read my fellow Offender Anderson’s recap of the events here), thought it’d be a good time to share something Korean that’s both artistic and, frankly, pretty damn awesome.

Illustrator Na Young Wu created these drawings of iconic Western fairy tale figures in a Korean setting. Check them out below:


Did we dodge a bullet by Sony shelving THE INTERVIEW?


I guess the North Koreans win? News broke out, earlier in the day, that the top cinema chains in the nation (Regal, AMC, Cinemark and several others) were opting to not screen THE INTERVIEW because of 9/11 terroristic threats by the “Guardians of Peace” aka the GOP (the hacker group that infiltrated Sony and stole thousands and thousands of files, film screeners, social security numbers and lots of embarrassing emails).

With the major theater chains operating over 18,000 screens, Sony made an announcement later in the day that they’ve scrapped the release plans for the film altogether. This has led to speculation that Sony would just release it on VOD or DVD, which many indie film professionals and digital distribution aficionados saw as a major step in having a major studio test the waters of bypassing theatrical completely. Then, Sony released another announcement saying that there are no future plans for the film, at the moment, and that it is completely shelved.

Why “Nightcrawler” Is A Better Movie Than It Should Be


One of the best perks of being a member of the Writer’s Guild (a union for writers; feel free to snicker here: sitting in a cozy coffee shop typing is sorta like digging for coal or installing sheet metal – we laborers must unite!) are the screeners we receive every December.  The Writer’s Guild holds its own awards, and members are given DVD copies – “screeners” – of Academy Award-type movies (war; holocaust; slavery; Historically Important Stuff) to watch, as the label says, “for your consideration.”

So when Jake Gyllenhaal’s thriller “Nightcrawler” arrived the other day, I had to scratch my head.

Walmart Thinks Carmelo Anthony is Jeremy Lin (or They Just Don’t Give a Fuck)

So if you were planning on buying that special Knicks fan a Carmelo Anthony doll from Walmart this holiday, well, this is apparently what you’re going to get:


Yup, a Carmelo Anthony doll that looks suspiciously like “not even currently playing for the Knicks” Jeremy Lin.

Just to be clear, here’s Carmelo:

Around the Horn: Best of 2014 Edition


2014 is drawing to a close, and critics are coming out with their year-end “best of” (and “worst of”) lists. What’s your favorite thing (film or theatre) that you saw in 2014? For me, it would probably be a new play, FATHER COMES HOME FROM THE WARS (PARTS 1, 2, and 3), by Suzan Lori-Parks, recently Off-Broadway at the Public Theatre, which tells the story of a slave who goes off to serve his white master fighting for the Confederacy during the Civil War. How about you guys?

‘Fresh Off the Boat’: Thank You White People for Pointing Out Its Racism


Ever since ABC announced back in May that it was picking up a series entitled Fresh Off the Boat (based on Eddie Huang’s memoir of the same name), there have been grumblings about the “offensiveness” of the name. While I get where that’s coming from, I’ve seen the pilot episode and if it’s any indication, I can say folks have nothing to worry about—if anything this has the potential to be the most three-dimensional look at an Asian American family from Hollywood since…well, you get the point.

So when I heard folks were still attacking the show for being racist online (I’m assuming mainly based on the title since the show hasn’t premiered yet) and that it was mainly white people shouting “racism”, I had to check it out myself. Sure enough a simple search on twitter brings up a number of tweets like the ones below.


A Love Affair with Spam

Hawaii loves spam. I love spam. YOMYOMF loves spam. But, why is this canned meat so popular in the 50th state? Zagat explains it all in this informative video, interviewing historians, local chefs and food writers. It’s a fun mini-doc and yes, it makes me want to eat some spam. And eggs. And rice. Time for a midnight snack….

Rain=Racist Asian Tweets?


Is there something about the rain that brings out the racist Asian driver comments? We’ve been getting some much needed rain here in California and the good folks at LAist noticed that with the rain also comes those aforementioned racist comments. Now, I’ve asked the question about whether or not Asians are bad drivers before (click here to read), but I have to say sometimes I’m still surprised by…ah hell, just read a sampling of the collected tweets below and have a safe and dry weekend.


3000 Post It Notes of Art


We all have Post-It Notes somewhere in our lives, whether it’s at work or at home. Most of them are used exactly per their intention – for tiny messages to be temporarily affixed to an object. Post-It Notes have tremendous unintentional uses ranging from being “pixels” in viral-video animations, stashing chewed gum, and cleaning dirt from fingernails yet everyone has doodled on Post-It notes, usually to mindlessly kill time or to simply mark a blank, ripe yellow piece of 3″x3″ paper.


Arrow Mid-Season Finale (Spoiler Free!)



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In case you’re busy marching the streets of Berkeley or New York and the mid-season finale of ARROW is waiting in your DVR queue, I’m not gonna be a jerk and spoil the cliffhanger. Er, cliff-faller. I am gonna say that in Batman/DC mythology there is this thing called The Lazarus Pit. This is the magic pit that reincarnates Ra’s al Ghul every time he is killed, each time with a different European accent. So, without spoiling anything except to say that at the end of this episode there is a terrific duel between Arrow and Ra’s al Ghul, I mention that JUST IN CASE A MAJOR CHARACTER WERE TO DIE IN THE DC-TV UNIVERSE, there is this thing called the Lazarus Pit, which is owned by the League of Assassins, which brings people (but generally only major characters) back to life.