What Makes Koreans Horny? Adultery & Armageddon

Earlier today, South Korea’s highest court struck down a 1953 law banning adultery saying that it was “unconstitutional”. This immediately caused condom and morning after pill stocks to soar as you can see from this chart:


This reminded me of the news from a few years back where condom sales in South Korea rose dramatically after North Korea’s ballistic missile tests. So apparently what makes my people horny is the freedom to commit adultery and the threat of global annihilation. Good to know for future reference.

Arrow “Nanda Parbat”


Dominic Mah is a writer, director, erratic blogger at dommah.com, and rock musical enthusiast. He recently co-wrote a feature film about superheroes and sidekicks. He is working on a startup comic book. He is often found in karaoke bars being @dommah and @thorhulkcritic.


Some truly wacky things happened on this week’s ARROW. I’ll attempt to encapsulate:

Thea reveals to everyone who doesn’t know that she killed Sara while under the influence of her evil dad, Malcolm Merlyn. She then rats him out to the League of Assassins, who waste no time capturing Merlyn and dragging him off to Nanda Parbat, the secret Himalayan city wherein the Assassins live in a fancy stronghold. Thea thinks, as I do, that this is a reasonable way for the bad guys to settle their business with each other.

Why Japan is Awesome #5007: Tomato-Feeding Robot for Runners

It’s a question that has plagued runners through the years decades centuries: Why can’t someone find an easier way to help me eat tomatoes while I’m running? Well, tomato-loving runners, your prayers have been answered. This is the Tomatan:


And it comes to you courtesy of a visionary named Shigenori Suzuki of Kagome, a fruit and juice company out of Japan. As you can see from this very instructional video below highlighting the history and genesis of this incredible invention, Suzuki was inspired to invent the Tomatan by carefully observing hot women suggestively eating bananas or running around with bananas sticking out of their back pockets:

Once again, in case you missed it, here’s Suzuki’s inspiration again:

Marvel’s AGENT CARTER “Valediction” Recap & Review… What’s Next?


Peggy faces the full fury of Leviathan, in this season (or series?) finale of AGENT CARTER.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead)

With Dooley dead, and an APB on Ivchenko and Dottie, Carter, Sousa and Thompson survey the crime scene massacre at the movie palace from last week’s episode (a test by our villains by releasing gas that makes people into rabid savages, killing each other until no one remains alive). Sousa finds a canister and gets a face full of the gas, which in turn, makes him attack Thompson and Carter, before he is overtaken and knocked out. Sousa wakes up in a hospital bed, as the effects of the gas have dissipated.

Godzilla Can Now Watch You Sleep or Have Sex if You’re Into That for $125/Night

If you suffer from Godzillaphilia, which is a condition where one can only get sexually aroused if Godzilla is watching you while you’re getting down, the Hotel Gracery in Tokyo will be the place to be when it opens on April 24. Because you’ll be able to get a room with this view:


Godzilla watching you relentlessly while you sleep or have sex in your room.

The huge Godzilla head will sit atop Shinjuku’s Toho Cinema (where Godzilla launched his cinematic career) and as you can see from these mock-ups, the hotel room won’t be the only place where you’ll get a nice view of our giant lizard friend.

The Kick-Ass Power Rangers you were waiting for?


In this age of fan films, fanboy wish fulfillment is a reality. Hollywood producer and rabble rouser Adi Shankar (the dude wears copious amounts of guy-liner and looks like a South Asian Alice Cooper) takes it one step further with his “bootleg film” series, where he produced the PUNISHER fan film, DIRTY LAUNDRY (which is indeed kick-ass), among others.

Shankar being a child of the ’90s, he grew up watching MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS, but always wanted it to be dark and adult like recent remakes/reboots like BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and DREDD, which Shankar produced. He partnered with music video director Joseph Kahn (BLANK SPACE by Taylor Swift was his most recent MV masterpiece) and produced a truly dark 15 minute short film starring Katee Sackhoff and James Van Der Beek (yes, Dawson from DAWSON’S CREEK). It’s definitely slick, dark and gravitas that you don’t usually see in a Power Rangers episode.

Around The Horn: How Free Should Free Speech Be?

When is it okay to yell “Fire!” in a crowded movie theater?


According to the authority figures of my youth, “never.” This question was presented to us as a simplified, kid-friendly way to explain what the limits of free speech were.

The Walking Dead – “The Distance” (Season 5, Episode 11) Recap & Review

Quick Recap (Warning, Spoilers Ahead):
Still scarred from their experiences with Woodbury and Terminus, the group has a hard time trusting Aaron, a new survivor who promises them safety in a community called Alexandria. Rick immediately ties him up, as he tries to persuade everyone that he is genuine and has been watching them for awhile and wants them to join his community. Michonne, perhaps tired of being on the road and eating bugs, says to give Aaron a chance, who tells them that his RV and car are parked a few miles down the road. Rick reluctantly agrees for Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Abraham and Rosita to check things out and make sure he isn’t lying. They find the cars, but unbeknownst to our heroes, there is a man creeping from behind an abandoned car, observing them.

Happy Ninja Day!


Today, February 22, is Ninja Day in Japan. No, I’m not making this shit up. Supposedly, this “unofficial” holiday started in the Japanese cities of Iga and Koka—both historic “ninja strongholds”.

I’m not sure what one is supposed to do on Ninja Day, but if you want to dress in the traditional black costume and sneak up on unsuspecting people only to vanish into the wisps of wind before you are detected, go for it!

The Most Depressing Starbucks in America is Getting a Makeover

Last year, I blogged about the newly opened Starbucks in Highland Park, California, just miles from our YOMYOMF Office in South Pasadena—the one dubbed “the Most Depressing Starbucks in America”. Well, as I drove past it the other day on my way to the office, I noticed this sight:


It looks like that Starbucks is finally getting that makeover they promised the community. What the new Starbucks will look like remains to be seen, but I will be there the moment they open to check it out. The only question is—if they do indeed renovate the business into something aesthetically appropriate that the community is happy with, where will sad Keanu get his afternoon lattes?

Arrow “The Return”


Dominic Mah is a writer, director, erratic blogger at dommah.com, and rock musical enthusiast. He recently co-wrote a feature film about superheroes and sidekicks. He is working on a startup comic book. He is often found in karaoke bars being @dommah and @thorhulkcritic.


This week’s ARROW is a two-pronged flashback: in the present, Oliver and Thea return to the prison island Lian Yu for some LOST-esque survivalizing. In the past, longhaired Oliver returns to Starling City for the first time since escaping Lian Yu (the first time) with his mega-improved archery skills.

Also we have the return of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, whom Malcolm Merlyn sets free to test the Queens’ killer instinct. The idea is that none in the Arrow gang will survive Ras al Ghul’s forthcoming wrath unless Oliver is willing to kill. Malcolm has these types of ideas because he’s an Evil Mastermind.