Hong Kong Men are the Manliest Men in Asia…According to People in Hong Kong


According to new survey conducted by the Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong men are considered to be the manliest men in Asia followed by the Taiwanese, South Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans and mainland Chinese. A thousand people between the ages of 18 and 35 were surveyed for the results.

But there is one slight problem with this survey: all 1,000 people who participated are from Hong Kong. Is it just me or does anyone else think this would skew the results?

Motivation is key to success… so where are my keys!


In the last year or so my wife got off the couch and started running and lost like 20 pounds and ran many 5Ks as I sat on the sidelines.  Is that enough motivation for me to do that too… nope.  I recently went on vacation and sat at the beach and observed that there are many dads with potbellies and lack the strength to keep up with their kids… still not enough motivation for me.  Even if my doctor says, “You must exercise for your family’s sake”… yet I will go home and eat a salad and think about working out.  What’s wrong with that?!

Global Warming and The Not-So Expendables


I always thought it would be today’s teens who come up with a fix for global warming, but it looks like a group of ten retired scientists, ranging in age from 60 – 79, might be our next real-life action heroes.


Says physicist Jack Foster aka The Magician, 79: “We are interested in an insurance policy for global warming. We are not interested in deploying it unless it is necessary. But we’d like to have something available so we know what works and what doesn’t work.”

And what is this top secret weapon he and his team would rather not deploy unless they absolutely have to?

A “cloud whitener.”


The Case of Jennifer Pan & Why Being a Victim of Tiger Parenting had Nothing to Do with Murder


The story of Asian Canadian Jennifer Pan has been making the rounds this past week. You can read the whole harrowing account here, but the gist of this true story was that Pan grew up under enormous pressure from her Vietnamese immigrant parents to succeed academically so when poor grades kept her from graduating from high school and going to college, she created a lie—telling her parents of her straight “A”s, the early acceptance to college and studying pharmacology at the University of Toronto. But when the truth came out, Pan and her boyfriend hired hit men to kill her parents and make it look like a robbery. The hit man killed her mother and severely injured her father, but soon after, police uncovered the truth.

A tragic story to be sure, but what I’ve been noticing and what’s been bothering me are the comments I’ve been seeing—from both Asian and non-Asian alike—who are attributing Pan’s crime to her strict upbringing. I know I’m grossly simplifying the point here, but the thinking goes like this: it was the stress and pressure from the Asian tiger parenting that drove to her to do what she did.

To which I can only reply: bullshit.

Korean girl does shot-for-shot remake of JURASSIC WORLD trailer

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.55.28 PM

I know this is old news, but I can’t get enough of this. A young Korean woman, who goes by the YouTube name Hozzah2 uploaded a shot-for-shot remake of the gargantuan box office hit JURASSIC WORLD trailer and she did it all in the comfort of her bedroom. It’s super lo-fi, but she totally commits to the various roles, including playing Chris Pratt (with moustache) and Bryce Dallas Howard with a coffee cup always in her hand. She even does a mean velociraptor too with a fierce facial expression, a hair clip and a hoodie.

The Daily Buzz at Comic-con 2015: Podcast episodes 13 – 19


The Daily Buzz, the film and entertainment news podcast produced by Irene Cho recently returned from Comic-con 2015 and we’re going to be posting the various podcast episodes straight from San Diego. Here’s the final list of podcast episodes (13 – 19), with some of the best and most talented creators of today’s pop culture climate.

Podcast Episode 13The Daily Buzz chats up with @tumblr spokesperson, Amanda Ferri inside the Giant Ape Media/Funimation suite at the Marriott Marquis Hotel during San Diego Comic-con. Ferri breaks down why this blogging and social networking site is so popular, shares highlights from MTV’s Fandom Awards, talks about how fans can connect offline at events like Tumblr’s “Welcome To Nightfall” Meetup, and tells us why Taylor Swift is a must follow on Tumblr.

YOMYOMF Summer Blockbuster Showdown: PIXELS


1. Remake, Reboot, or Recycled? — Is it a remake or reboot or a “based on…” and how does it compare to the previous version, or the source material?

DOMMAH: PIXELS is based on the utterly satisfying 2.5-minute film PIXELS by Patrick Jean. It adds about 103 minutes of plot recycled from STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE and TRON.

Liz: PIXELS is based on an fun short film that you should go and watch RIGHT NOW. Did you go watch it? Awesome, right? Now, take everything you love about that short… and then take a dump all over it. And ta-da! You now you have the latest Adam Sandler release PIXELS.

This Week in Internet Cuteness: 10 Cats Lick Ice Ball


YOMYOMF has been around since 2009 and I don’t think we’ve posted a cute cat video yet. Well, all that changes today! This particular cat video comes from the 10 Cats YouTube channel out of Japan. As its name suggests, the person posting the videos lives with 10 cats and they apparently do things like lick giant ice balls:

Or get stuck in a cardboard box maze:

“Fair is Foul, and foul is fair” at the Chinese Box Office



Just after this weekend, my friend Raman Hui’s debut feature Monster Hunt has become the top grossing Chinese film in China, grossing over 1,277 million RMB (approximately over USD$206 million) and beating the previous box office record set by Lost in Thailand. Ironically, the same movie opened to number 4 with a tepid 3.41 million HKD (approximately USD$43,991) compared to Minions, Ant-man and Terminator Genisys that all opened above Monster Hunt with respective grosses of 24.7 million HKD (approximately USD$318,644), 17.4 million HKD (approximately USD$224,470) and 3.58 million HKD) approximately USD$461,840).

‘Help’ is Here for Your iPhone


We officially premiered Help, our 360 degree live action short, at Google’s 2015 I/O Developer Conference in San Francisco. Directed by YOMYOMF founder Justin Lin (currently helming Star Trek Beyond in Vancouver), this is the very first live-action Google Spotlight Stories film. What makes the Spotlight Stories different from other VR projects is that it’s VR for your phone and other mobile devices. You don’t need special goggles or cardboard or anything besides your phone or tablet. And now the Spotlight Stories app is available for ios so you can watch Help for free on your iPhone or iPad. Just download the app here.

Not only is Help, the first live-action project of its kind, but because it’s a Justin Lin project, it’s a cinema-quality action film. In this case, the story of an alien that crash lands in L.A.’s Chinatown and the ensuing chase that takes place across downtown. Other YOMYOMFers who took part in the project include Sung Kang who plays a cop that pisses off the alien and Alex Vegh, Sal Gatdula, Philip W. Chung and David Chan playing creative roles behind the scenes.

Facebook Doesn’t Think This Facebook Page That’s Racist Against Asians is Racist Against Asians

Hey, here’s some good news for you dumb American racist fucks: there are dumb racist fucks in other parts of the world too so 1) you’re not alone and 2) it must be nice to know others enjoy in-breeding too. Today’s example of this comes to us from Brisbane, Australia—specifically a suburb named Sunnybank and a Facebook page called “Humans of Sunnybank”. And apparently, the humans of Sunnybank all happen to be gross stereotypes of Asians. Like so:


The Global Asians for Action and Social Change (GAASC), an advocacy group, has asked Facebook to take down the page citing its xenophobia and racism against the community’s Asian population. Sunnybank is home to about 3,000 residents of Asian heritage or 35% of the population. But so far, Facebook has taken no action in the case, arguing the page does not violate its “community standards”.

So let’s take a look at what sort of material does not violate “community standards”. The “Humans of Sunnybank” page attempts to humorously speak in the voices of the area’s Asian residents. And apparently what those Asians spend their time discussing are such things as…how bad they are at driving:

Plates of Makoto Kagoshima


Woody stems lead to primitive flowers with inscribed details. Birds are regal, nearing religiousness and the occasional fish appear in mid glide. These examples are the works of Japanese artist, Makoto Kagoshima. The details are seldom minimal on the plates, bowls, and dishes. His work is primal and cute at the same time, and each piece has the perfect balance between color and negative space which gives each detail it’s own weight. I’m told that the edges are ribbed by the pressing of sea shells which are plentiful in his home area of Fukuoka, Japan.