FLASH & ARROW KISS….Their Respective Female Leads!


Creepier than it looks. Because, shapeshifter villain.

The tonal difference between ARROW and FLASH is really evident this week. FLASH is a goofy show with karaoke dates and psychic gorillas. ARROW is hard edges and dark alleys and green-tinged DARK KNIGHT references. When ARROW characters visit FLASH, they start talking like they’re on ONE TREE HILL, e.g., the scene where Starling City’s tough cop Captain Lance talks with Central City’s Joe West about mooshy dad stuff. Begging the question, how do Starling City residents not think everyone from Central City is a yuppie dweeb? Central City doesn’t have a Glades-esque neighborhood where villains hang out, it seems to be all bowling alleys and coffee shops named Jitters.

YOMYOMF at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2015



It’s that time once again to join our friends at Visual Communications for another edition of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (#31 for those keeping count) running from tonight until April 30 at various locations around L.A. This year, the fest is under the leadership of new Executive Director Francis Cullado and features a number of programs featuring members of the YOMYOMF family. Check out all the full list of programs here and the following YOMYOMF-flavah-ed events:

The Case Against the Slants


I was on Facebook and caught Simon Tam, the founder of the Asian dance rock band The Slants, posting about how their band was just denied a trademark because the US Trademark Office deemed the name of their band to be offensive (check out Simon’s previous guest blog about this issue here). I reposted Simon’s article and it sparked a spirited debate between Crane, my attorney friend, and Simon himself. Below is the exchange:

• Crane Stephen Landis: Because offensive is offensive even if it comes from someone in the group who would be offended.

• Crane Stephen Landis: The Washington DC “Redskins” is offensive even if it were owned by a Native American. That’s why the US Trademark Office revoked their trademark.

Agents of SHIELD — Season 2, Episode 18 –”The Frenemy Of My Enemy” Recap & Review


“The Frenemy of my Enemy” is the perfect title for tonight’s episode, where the inevitable happened — the uneasy alliance of Coulson and Ward in the search for Skye. It was the most obvious move, story-wise, what with Coulson’s options very limited and him knowing that his only ticket into infiltrating Hydra was to hook up with Ward and Agent 33. This made Fitz very nervous and the scene on the plane where he’s jittery and holding his gun on his holster, while Hunter tries to calm him down, was great, especially after all the shit he went through with Ward and Hydra.

Yes, Ramen Baths are a Thing


Apparently, the Yunessan Spa House in Hakone, Japan is offering ramen baths. And it’s exactly what you think it is—you soak in a bath consisting of ramen pork broth and synthetic noodles because they’re Japanese it’s supposed to be good for your skin.

As the owner of the spa, Ichiro Furuya, remarked: “Lately people are very concerned about having beautiful skin, and they know the effect of collagen, which is contained in our pork-based broth. At this bath, everybody can have fun and take advantage of the healthy elements of ramen noodles.”


Now, before you go jumping into a bathtub full of ramen broth to stop the effects of aging, consider that Japan is also the country that brought us this:

Hey, It Turns Out the Reincarnated Buddha is an Artist Living in Pasadena & is Wanted for Fraud in China

File this under: You learn something new every day. This is His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III aka the reincarnated Buddha:


And though he’s originally from China’s Sichuan province, he’s apparently a successful artist currently residing in Pasadena, California which is just a few miles from our YOMYOMF world headquarters. How successful is he? Well, he sold an ink drawing for $16.5 million at a recent auction baffling art dealers who have no idea how his work sold for so much though the suspicion is that his passionate group of followers in the San Gabriel Valley and Bay Area drove up the price.

But all’s not hunky dory with the Buddha. He’s a wanted man back in China where he is accused of having stolen $7.32 million via the redundant sounding crime of “fraud by means of deception”. Of course, Buddha maintains his innocence—claiming that he is being persecuted for his religious beliefs by the Chinese government.

Around the Horn: 3 Go to Films That You Watch Over and Over


Eric Nakamura: These are the films that you’ll watch over and over each time they appear on cable. Some might be terrible, some will be cheesy, but you can’t help yourself. The catch is, even if it’s a “bad” film, it always appears when you’re channel surfing. Why do we do it? Is it a scene that you like? Let’s break it all down. Why? and What Specific Scenes capture you?


Why: It’s the idea of being a rock journalist kid, trying to get into a show, and then hanging out with bands. Ultimately it leads the protagonist to be a successful writer at 15. I once photographed bands, hung out with a bunch, and then turned a zine into a magazine. I guess there are some parallels there.

A Slice Of Pizza


He wears a smart straw hat with a black silk band.  He is African American, perhaps in his mid-60’s.  He is trim, keeps his white beard cropped close and often wears a Hawaiian print shirt and sunglasses.  At first I thought he might be a musician.  And he might be – I’ve never asked him.

And I can always find him sitting on an upturned plastic milk crate outside one of my favorite pizza places.  He holds out a paper cup and says, “Spare some change?”

I mumble back “no,” shake my head and enter the restaurant to buy a slice.  And he always calls after me,

“Maybe on your way out.”

He’s persistent, but not pushy, and he asks with a smile.  And I never give him anything.

Here’s a Shrimp Burger Minus the Shrimp


Asia has its fair share of cool but bizarre fast food items and fast food chain Lotteria is no exception. But this might be the most bizarre creation so far. It’s the Ebi Nashi Baagaa or “the Shirmp-less Burger”. In short, it’s a shrimp burger minus the shrimp being served in Japan.


Yup, no shrimp whatsoever: