RIP Ben E. King


Singer Ben E. King passed away yesterday at the age of 76. He was arguably best known for his hit “Stand By Me”, which was prominently featured in the beloved 1986 film of the same name. Although that’s the one song most people will remember him for, this one’s my favorite (back when he was with the Drifters):

To quote from the lyrics to your most famous song:

Going Vegan in Japantown

A bottle of Dassai 50 sake.

A bottle of Dassai 50 sake.

One night, my friend and I were downtown in the historic Little Tokyo Marketplace that is now Korean owned. We were going to an Izakaya there but the wait was simply too long… so we decided to try Shojin instead, a Japanese vegan haut cuisine restaurant.

I’ve often enjoyed vegan cuisine even though I’m an omnivore. The atmosphere was decidedly pleasant and tranquil as we entered the dining area… and there was a nice crowd on a Friday evening.

First we ordered a bottle of Dassai sake to wind down our week paired with our appetizers:

Who Would Win In A Fight Between Arrow & Black Canary & Flash VS Hawkeye & Black Widow & Quicksilver (DC TV vs. AVENGERS)


Marvel’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON comes out this week, so it’s okay if you stop thinking DC is cool for the next 96 hours or so. The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Television CWverse, entirely not by coincidence, each feature an archer (Arrow and Hawkeye), a female martial badass (Black Canary and Black Widow), and a super-speedster (Flash and Quicksilver) WHO AMONG THEM  IS SUPERIOR? For this column, @Dommah will argue on the DC side, our special guest @ThorHulkCritic will make the case for the Marvel heroes. Let’s work this out scientifically:



has piercing blue eyes has piercing blue eyes

If There’s One Thing I Want at My Funeral, It’s This…


Apparently in rural China, it’s a thing to hire strippers, er, I mean erotic dancing mourners at funerals to encourage more people to attend and probably to make these events, well, less depressing. I don’t know anything about this custom, but, hey, I’m all for it. Which is why it’s distressing to hear that the Chinese government is cracking down on this practice.

So to protest this injustice and show my solidarity with my Chinese brethren who deserve nothing less than a glimpse of a little booty to lift their spirits during their time of grief, I am proclaiming right here and now that when I die and when I’m laid to rest, there will be strippers. Not because I want to, but because I have to. Again, I know how important it is to show my solidarity and protest this grave injustice. Get it—“grave” injustice?

From YouTube to a ‘Hollywood Adventure’


Those of you who follow the film scene in China know that one of the most anticipated movies opening this year is Hollywood Adventures. It’s the first feature from my fellow Offender Justin Lin’s Perfect Storm shingle and it’s being released June 26.

The film features Chinese superstars Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming and Tong Dawei and the first teaser trailer was released in China last week (see below). But what’s especially heartening about the project from a YOMYOMF perspective is that it was a chance for a lot of the “family” to collaborate together but, more importantly, have fun together. Aside from Justin who wrote and produced, our fellow Offenders Sung and Roger appear in the movie while Alfredo and myself also worked on the script. But have to give a special shout-out to our director, the one and only Mr. Tim Kendall. We first met Tim when he teamed up with Danny Pudi and Chris Marrs to make this 3-minute short for our Interpretations Film contest launch:

Agents of SHIELD — “The Dirty Half Dozen” — Season 2, Episode 19


Yeah, so that was cool. “The Dirty Half Dozen” had a Sonic the Hedgehog reference, some Marvel/Disney machinations to tie in this episode with the new Avengers film opening this Friday, and the old band is back, sort of. It was interesting to see the original SHIELD team back at it, even though everyone was a hair away to murder Ward. And I suppose his rogue sociopathic behavior is now leaning more on the repenting kind, as he walks off into the night and leaving Agent 33 back at SHIELD HQ so she can get a second chance.

Donald Trump for President!

Come on, Republican Party, you know there’s only one candidate that has a chance against Elizabeth Warren Hillary Clinton in the next Presidential race. Only one man can do what our “great African American President” (or frankly any of our previous gazillion white leaders) can’t do—stop those thugs who so happily and openly destroy shit:


And if the Republicans are too chickenshit to embrace a man who’s brave enough to wear a dead lemur on his head and just not give a fuck, then it’s time to go independent, baby!

Around the Horn: How to Stop “the Blob”

warmblobLast week Wednesday was Earth Day and I’m sure many of you saw the apocalyptic headings in the news about climate change:  an ominous “blob” of warm water off the West Coast causing all kinds of weather abnormalities, two degrees of climate change about to doom us all, 1 year of water left in California, food will become unaffordable, etc.

Anyone who lives in California knows we now have mandates to reduce water usage by 25% or more in some cities.


More Proof There’s a God: McDonalds’ Fried Pies are Back

Tragedy struck back in 1992 when McDonalds made the unfortunate decision to no longer serve their fried pies and switch to the baked version, which, let’s face it, sucks ass. So imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks ago, I found this staring back at me:


Yes, sometimes miracles do happen and that wish you wished upon a shooting star does come true. McDonalds has brought back their fried pies in all their flaky, crunchy, tongue burning/piping hot (yes, the filling is indeed hot as the warning on the box says unlike in the bland baked versions) goodness.

Feeling Stupid? Try “The Daily Commuter”

crossword (2) (960x1280)

_____ clip; staple alternative,5 letters.


Yuletide visitor, 5 letters.

Let’s see: “Santa?”

Authentic, 4 letters, starts with an “R.”

Oh come on…I could do this crossword puzzle in my ________, 5 letters.

My local paper prints a crossword puzzle called “The Daily Commuter,” and thank God for it.

Relief Aid for Nepal


Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal. But even better than thoughts and prayers is actual aid to help those impacted by the tragedy. Following is a short list of organizations that already have a presence in Nepal that you can support through donations. If you know of others, please feel free to add to the comments.





FLASH & ARROW KISS….Their Respective Female Leads!


Creepier than it looks. Because, shapeshifter villain.

The tonal difference between ARROW and FLASH is really evident this week. FLASH is a goofy show with karaoke dates and psychic gorillas. ARROW is hard edges and dark alleys and green-tinged DARK KNIGHT references. When ARROW characters visit FLASH, they start talking like they’re on ONE TREE HILL, e.g., the scene where Starling City’s tough cop Captain Lance talks with Central City’s Joe West about mooshy dad stuff. Begging the question, how do Starling City residents not think everyone from Central City is a yuppie dweeb? Central City doesn’t have a Glades-esque neighborhood where villains hang out, it seems to be all bowling alleys and coffee shops named Jitters.